2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant, Carmaney Wong, Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors

2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant, Carmaney Santiago, Responds to Plastic Surgery Rumors

The 2019 Miss Hong Kong pageant (2019香港小姐競選) is underway with the finale taking place on September 8. The finalists who all just came back from Tokyo recently, attended a rallying event at TVB today. Contestant, Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯), said she would rally votes from her friends and family.

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Ever since the contestants were revealed to the public, Carmaney Wong has been one of the hot favorites and always noticed by the public eye. Paparazzi had even followed her with her German boyfriend a few weeks ago. It’s reported he had moved to Hong Kong especially for her. Reporters also discovered she and her family lived in a luxury apartment in Hung Hom worth 50 million HKD. However, Carmaney Wong insisted that she has always supported herself and haven’t had any help from her family with the pageant.

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There have also been rumors circulating online that Carmaney Wong had some work done on her body. Netizens suspect she had breast implants. To these rumors, she responds, “I am 100% natural. Because when I was young, I really liked to eat tofu and drink milk. I also feel because of my mom’s good genes, that I would have such a healthy image. There will be a swim suit event soon. Everyone will see it then. Actually, swim suits with steel wires will have this type of effect. Everyone can try this.”

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