2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant Hopeful, Kayan Choi, Dated a TVB Actor

2019 Miss Hong Kong Contestant, Kayan Choi, Dated a TVB Actor

Of all the interviewees who attended the first round interviews today for the 2019 Miss Hong Kong (香港小姐) pageant, Kayan Choi (蔡嘉欣), has to be the popular one so far. All the Hong Kong news outlets have already dug up her background, including her line of work and her dating life.

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Kayan Choi, who is being labeled as the bootleg version of Ashley Chu (朱智賢), is actually an internet celebrity. Aside from being a model and Youtuber, she also owns a nail salon and a clothing store. She already has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and Youtube. She has also filmed for ViuTV before in three separate programs: “Talker: Tripper” (Trip精), “Home Sweet Home (返鄉下), and “Talker: KO KOL.”

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Aside from the media being heavily interested in her, netizens were also out in full force trying to dig up dirt on her. Some netizens claim after she started getting popular on Youtube, she broke up with her then-boyfriend and then dated an international banker. However, there were some netizens who defended Kayan Choi saying they only broke up because she discovered her ex-boyfriend cheating on her.

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According to Apple Daily HK, they discovered Kayan Choi and her ex-boyfriend, Felix Ng (吳子沖), debuted in 2012 and 2013 respectively, after entering a school-wide beauty competition. Later on, they spoke to a magazine and revealed they had opened a clothing store together. They were saving money to buy their store space and was not interesting in buying a home for marriage. Nonetheless, the two didn’t end up together. Felix Ng is currently an actor at TVB. He was a part of the cast for “The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0” (降魔的2.0).

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When Apple Daily HK reporters asked her about ex-boyfriend, Felix Ng, being a TVB actor, she said, “Who are you referring to? We’re not going to talk about the past. The past should stay in the past.” When asked if her current boyfriend is a banker, she responds, “Already? So fast…” (referring to the pace in which reporters were able to find out.)” Kayan Choi confirms her boyfriend is a banker and states she is not in contact with Felix Ng.

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Aside from her dating life, reporters also asked Kayan Choi about some netizens complaining about her selling cheap Tao Bao clothing at a higher price. She clarifies, “No, we didn’t. I have bought “Made in China” clothing before, but I went to buy it in Guangzhou. Now I go to Korea to buy inventory. Even though the wholesaler is Korean, but you can’t 100% guarantee it’s “Made in Korea” because some of the Korean brands are made in Chinese factories so some of them will say “Made in China.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK (1, 2), hk01.com, IG