Miss Hong Kong 2019, Carmaney Wong, Accused of Being a Third Party

Miss Hong Kong 2019 Carmaney Wong Accused of Being a Third Party

It has only been a day since Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) was crowned as Miss Hong Kong 2019 and she already already has a lot of gossips and rumors being circulated. Prior to her winning the pageant, Hong Kong paparazzi had already followed her around. They found out she had a foreigner boyfriend and was suspected to be a rich girl because she lived in a luxury home. She was also accused of having breast implants by netizens which she has vehemently denied. Now, she is being painted as a third party by someone claiming to be the actual girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend.

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Carmaney Wong is being accused of being the third party between a dentist, Clement Tong (唐逸謙), and his girlfriend, two years ago. A woman by the name of Rachael had uploaded an IG story saying there was a Miss Hong Kong finalist that “dared to do, but won’t admit to it.” She alleges this contestant went to Japan with Clement Tong, who was her boyfriend at the time, when he already had a girlfriend. She also revealed when she returned, she wrote a Valentine’s Day postcard to him and referred to him as “My Prince” and was signed on the bottom with the words “Love Carmaney”.

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When reporters asked Carmaney Wong about the rumors, she responded, “No such thing happened. It’s not true.” She also explained, “I only dated him for about a month or two. We broke up because a difference in personalities. I don’t know who she is. When we dated, he told me he was single, which is why we started dating. I don’t know what happened. I would definitely not be a third party. If I knew he had a girlfriend, I definitely wouldn’t intercept.” As for the postcard, Carmaney Wong does admit to writing it to him, but says it was normal since he was her boyfriend at the time.

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Credit: Apple Daily HK, hk01, Carmaney Wong IG