Miss Hong Kong 2019 Finalist, Kayan Choi, in Talks to Join TVB

Miss Hong Kong 2019 Finalist, Kayan Choi, in Talks to Join TVB

Miss Hong Kong 2019 finalist, Kayan Choi (蔡嘉欣), was a hot favorite to win the crown on the night of the finals. Before she applied to become a contestant, she was already the most well known candidate being that she was a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and had a sizable Youtube and Instagram following. Unfortunately, she had only made top 5, which shocked many people. Perhaps it was due to all the gossip surrounding her past, like having a current TVB actor as an ex-boyfriend or netizens’ suspicions about her clothing business.

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Even though Kayan Choi expressed she wasn’t sad about not winning and said things happen for a reason, she did express her intentions to join TVB. The 25 year old spoke to hk01.com and admitted she is currently in talks with TVB to join the company. When asked if she would mind about the low salary at TVB, she candidly responded. “I actually do mind a bit. I have to give a family expense allowance to my family. With respect to supporting the family, I do worry a bit. So if I do join TVB, I will have to work even harder. Hope to have more clients looking for me to do some shows and take on more jobs. Whether I sign a contract or not, the most important thing is not salary. It’s actually the opportunity to perform.”

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When asked what she was more interested in doing between hosting and filming, Kayan Choi responded, “I want to try both, but it’s not up to me to decide. I hope when the time comes, the producer is willing to give me a chance.” Kayan Choi also expressed she would still continue being a KOL and running her online store even if she signs with TVB. She said, “I will definitely continue running my social media and share with everyone. I will also continue running the store. I still need to make a living, but I will let my partner help out.”

Credit: hk01, Kayan Choi IG