Bea Hayden and Jacky Heung Reportedly Got Married in Italy

Bea Hayden and Jacky Heung Reportedly Got Married in Italy

According to Apple Daily TW, Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden (郭碧婷) and Jacky Heung (向佐), son of Hong Kong actor and producer, Charles Heung (向華強), got married in Italy today. It’s reported the wedding venue was completely closed off. They only invited family and friends. It’s said Jacky Heung’s mother, Tiffany Heung (陳嵐), was the one in charge of planning the wedding. They will be holding another wedding in Taipei at the end of the year.

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Even though the wedding venue was closed off, someone leaked the news to the media. It’s reported Taiwanese singer, Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰), was also present as a guest of honor. Jam Hsiao’s manager had also posted a picture from Italy of what looked to be a wedding dinner menu that had “B & J” listed and “Bea and Hayden” written on the bottom, on September 9th.

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Jacky Heung also dropped hints on September 2nd, when he posted a picture of “Castello Lancelloti”, or Lancelloti Castle, a popular wedding venue in Italy, on his IG with the hashtags “#love #blessed”.

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Bea Hayden and Jacky Heung met while filming a Chinese reality show called “The Best Moment” (最美的時光) last year. The two already looked like they were interested in each other during the show. Tiffany Heung, who was also on the show and their biggest supporter, publicly showed her admiration for Bea Hayden and would often compliment her and hoped she would be her daughter-in-law. Lo and behold, Jacky Heung flew to Taiwan in March to propose to Bea Hayden with a five carat ring at a hotel. Tiffany Heung later confirmed the proposal on Weibo. After their engagement, they became a power couple in China, filming variety shows left and right and attending events. The two are currently one of the couples on the second season of “Meeting Mr. Right” (女儿们的恋爱).

Sina Entertainment tried to contact Jacky Heung’s manager on the news, but haven’t heard back yet.

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Sina Ent, Bea Hayden Weibo