Jonathan Wong Says He Would Be Semi-Retired by Now if He Stayed at His First Job

Jonathan Wong Says He Would Be Semi-Retired by Now if He Stayed at His First Job

Hong Kong actor and singer, Jonathan Wong (王梓軒), received a lot of praise and exposure in last year’s legal drama, “OMG, Your Honour” (是咁的, 法官閣下). Not many people might know this, but he actually started out in music before venturing into acting. He was in Dong Guan, China recently, to give a speech to middle school students about his thoughts on life. During his speech, Jonathan Wong mentioned, “You wouldn’t believe it. My first job was in investment banking at a really big bank. If I had continued doing this job, right now, I should be semi-retired by now. Every person has something they want to do, but might not be brave enough to do it. But actually, there is a seed that exists inside of us. The goal might not be achieved right away, but it doesn’t matter. You learn, experience a different type of lifestyle. It might make you more sure of your aspirations.”

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Jonathan Wong, who graduated from Cornell University, an ivy league college in the US, says he already liked composing songs during his college days. He explained, “Before I graduated, I already knew Master Chiu Tsang Hei (趙增熹). He told me to let him have a listen. After listening, he felt it was pretty good, asked if I wanted to record a demo. But at the time, I only knew how to compose. I didn’t know how to record or arrange music. I had no confidence in myself. I thought I would sell all my songs and that would be accomplishing my dreams. I would continue life steadily…Then Ah Hei (趙增熹) asked me if I ever considered singing my own demos. I told him, let’s not joke. If anything goes wrong, the whole world is looking at you. But in the end, I liked (music too much). I quit my job and produced four records with Ah Hei and debuted like that.”

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He also is grateful for the opportunity to have performed in the “Matteo Ricci the Musical” (利瑪竇). He reminds himself, “I didn’t go on the wrong path. If I didn’t act in series, didn’t do variety shows, didn’t have countless doubts, I wouldn’t have been able to portray this character.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Jonathan Wong IG