How Did “Jonathan” Meet His Demise in “Wonder Women” Finale?

How Did "Jonathan" Meet His Demise in "Wonder Women" Finale?_12.28.19

TVB series, “Wonder Women” (多功能老婆), came to an end on December 27th. As per usual with a lot of TVB series, the ending was rushed and had a lot of loopholes. While “Ho Tin” and “Lan Fei” get their happy ending, “Fung Wa” and “Jonathan” do not. For some reason, TVB thought it would be a good idea to kill off “Jonathan” in a rom-com series. What has left netizens lingering is how “Jonathan”s character met his demise.

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How Did "Jonathan" Meet His Demise in "Wonder Women" Finale?

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Many netizens felt “Jonathan’s” death was unclear and unexplained. When “Jonathan” jumps into the water to save “Cheng Gong”, blood starts gushing out at one point. Then the next scene shows Jonathan on his death bed with a gauze pad wrapped around his bloody head, saying his farewell to his loved ones at the hospital. His cause of death is never explained. This conundrum left netizens to lash out saying, “Can someone tell me how getting into the water to save someone would lead to that person getting heavily injured?”. “Why would falling into the water end up hitting his head?”, “Shark bit him.”, “I thought Cheng Gong came prepared, stabbed him in the water.”

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Jonathan Wong (王梓軒), who plays “Jonathan”, spoke to and revealed the mystery behind his character’s unexplainable death. He explained, “It was when the yacht’s propeller was rotating and it rolled up “Cheng Gong”s wedding dress. “Jonathan” was hit by the propeller in the process of saving her and sustained heavy injuries to the back of his head. When we shot this scene, we filmed it (injuries to his head), but maybe it was hard to capture all the details in one hour, so in the end, it wasn’t aired.”

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How Did "Jonathan" Meet His Demise in "Wonder Women" Finale?

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The other surprise was the flashback of “Madame Mui”, played by the late Lily Leung (梁舜燕), finding “Jonathan” in a cart and it’s revealed he is actually a twin. In the finale episode, it seemed like “Madame Mui” would be meeting “Jonathan’s” twin brother, but he doesn’t appear at all. For this part, Jonathan Wong explained, “I am also waiting for the twin brother to show up! Hope he will show up in the sequel!”

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How Did "Jonathan" Meet His Demise in "Wonder Women" Finale?

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  1. What I didn’t understand was why must that china woman insist that sheung kim hong divorce his wife since he’s just a fling to her.. and afterwards insists he patches up.with his wife…though theres some.good acting I felt I had been taken.for a ride..overall it’s a plot failure

    1. Yes! They didn’t explain her motives well. Everything was rushed in the last few episodes. They don’t mention Si Luei and her husband after Jonathan dies.

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