Maggie Yu Gaining Recognition for Her Role as the Ultimate Homewrecker in “Wonder Women”

Maggie Yu Gaining Recognition for Her Role as the Ultimate Homewrecker in "Wonder Women"

TVB’s “Wonder Women” (多功能老婆) is in its second week and the storyline is starting to get interesting. In the 9th episode that aired on December 5, “Gim Hung” (played by Raymond Wong) finally returns to Hong Kong and reunites with “Lan Fei” (played by Miriam Yeung) and their son. However, his boss and lover, “Cheng Gong” (played by Maggie Yu), confronts “Lan Fei” and tells her to give up her husband with a check for 99.99 million dollars to compensate her for her losses. “Lan Fei” rips the check in front of her, while her boss, friends, and their family witness the whole incident. What’s unfathomable is when “Cheng Gong” goes to see “Gim Hung” and pretends she was wronged by “Lan Fei”!

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This scene left a deep impression on many netizens. There were people who felt bad for “Lan Fei”, but also some netizens who were impressed with Maggie Yu’s (于淼) acting as the annoying mistress “Cheng Gong”. This is definitely a breakout role for Maggie Yu, who has mostly played very stereotypical roles presumably due to her accent. You might recognize her from “My Unfair Lady”, where she played a much simpler role as “Molly’s” dad’s much younger wife.

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As for the praise from netizens on her acting, Maggie Yu spoke with and expressed, “I think I still have room for improvement. When I first found out I had to portray such a domineering women, I didn’t have confidence. I had pressure because Miriam and Raymond both have a lot of experience. When I see them acting on set, I get into character very quickly. Miriam told me not to be afraid, while Raymond would tell me to practice wearing high heels at home. Pakho also helped me rehearse with the fighting scene. I’m lucky to have them as my acting partners, that’s why there are so many viewers paying attention.”

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While she might not have much acting experience under her belt, Maggie Yu has already been with TVB for seven years. She joined the company after competing in the 2012 Miss Chinese International Pageant (國際中華小姐競選). Maggie Yu started out as the Mandarin speaking host for entertainment news and then transitioned to acting. Looking at her Instagram, her real life persona is far from the hateful character she is playing in “Wonder Women”, as she is often posting bible verses.

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When asked if she was worried about her image being tarnished due to the roles she played, Maggie Yu expressed, “Actually, I don’t really mind. Whatever role I play, I hope to let the audience see different interpretations. If they say things about it, that means it left a deep impression.” As for what she looks in a partner, she says, “I am really passive when it comes to relationships. I’ve only dated once all this time. He was younger me. We dated for two years, but he wanted to get married and I wanted to continue working on my career, so we broke up in the end. We’re still friends though. I hope the other party believes in Jesus, likes to watch films, and the arts, is motivated, improve together. It depends on fate and God’s plan.”

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