Joey Thye Getting Noticed for Her Legs and Acting as Pakho Chau’s Girlfriend in “Wonder Women”

Joey Thye is Getting Noticed for Her Legs and Acting as Pakho Chau's Girlfriend in "Wonder Women"

TVB’s “Wonder Women” (多功能老婆) is currently airing with good ratings. The series is a hit with the eye candy from the male and female departments. Aside from Maggie Yu’s “homewrecker” performance, Joey Thye (戴祖儀), who plays “Ho Tin’s” (played by Pakho Chau) teacher girlfriend, “Miss Lui”, is also getting a lot of attention.

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Joey Thye is actually of Malaysian descent. Before she entered the entertainment industry, Joey Thye studied law in 2016 at the University of Leicester in England. In 2018, she was signed to The Voice Entertainment Group and won a newcomer award. This series is her first foray into acting. Netizens are mostly paying attention to her legs in particular. Joey Thye admitted that her popularity has grown after the series came out. She revealed her Instagram followers increased from around 93,000 – 95,000 followers to over 104,000 followers.

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Joey Thye expressed, “I think everyone started noticing me because of this series. So I’ve been posting pictures from the series. I hope everyone notices me more. I want to give back to everyone.” She even told people to take note of the scene where she’s wearing swimwear that aired in episode 13. Joey Thye also revealed she will be traveling to LA instead of working during the holidays.

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