Dating Rumors Between Joey Thye and Joey Law Heat Up After They’re Seen Hanging Together

Dating Rumors Between Joey Thye and Joey Law Heat Up After They're Seen Dining Together

Ever since Joey Law (羅天宇) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) broke up in 2018, he has been rumored to be with Jeannie Chan. There were also rumors the former lovers were getting back together, but Roxanne Tong shut down those rumors. Now he’s being rumored with Joey Thye (戴祖儀), who is getting a lot of attention for her role as “Miss Lui” in TVB’s “Wonder Women”.

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Dating rumors between Joey Thye and Joey Law are heating up after the two were spotted dining together. According to Oriental Daily News, the two were seen playing with dogs and walking at the beach afterwards. When reporters confronted Joey Law about the dating rumors, he responded, “Just eating a meal. Not dating or pursuing. Maybe later we will have some singing collaborations, so we might meet up to discuss!”

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As for how they met, Joey Law responded they met playing basketball together. They started hanging out, ate and sang together. When Joey Thye was asked about the dating rumors, she responded, “Not dating! Just ordinary friends having a meal and recording song covers. We didn’t hold hands!” On whether there is a chance for them to develop further, Joey Thye laughed and said, “Haha! Let nature take its course. Focusing on work right now.”

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