Rumored Trainees from Three Major Entertainment Companies Joining “Qing Chun You Ni 2” Revealed

Rumored Trainees from Three Major Entertainment Companies Joining "Qing Chun You Ni 2" Revealed

Netizens are getting excited for the upcoming second season of the Chinese idols survival show, “Qing Chun You Ni” (青春有你2). The second season will be an all girls competition. Hype was already generated when iQiyi announced BLACKPINK’s Lisa was joining the show as a dance mentor. With the show ramping up for its upcoming debut, pictures of some of the rumored trainees started circulating recently. The list of trainees are from three major entertainment companies in China: Yuehua Entertainment, Jaywalk NewJoy, and STAR48.

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Yuehua Entertainment

  • Emulates training styles from Korean entertainment agencies as they have a Korean division
  • Many of their artists have debuted in Korean groups before, e.g. UNIQ, Cosmic Girls, EVERGLOW
  • Idol Producer contained three Yuehua trainees that debuted in NINE PERCENT: Fan Chengcheng, Justin Huang Minghao, Zhu Zhengting
  • Qing Chun You Ni S1 contained three Yuehua trainees that debuted in UNINE: Li Wenhan, Hu Chunyang, and He Changxi
  • Wang Yiren from EVERGLOW was one of the first trainees rumored to be joining QCYN

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Rumored Yuehua trainees joining “QCYN2”

Jin Zihan (金子涵) and Chen Xinwei (陈昕葳)

Chen Xinwei is from Taiwan and garnered a lot of interest after her pictures were shared online and was reported to be a trainee on QCYN2.

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Zhang Xi (张溪) and Yang Ruihan (杨蕊菡)

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Jaywalk NewJoy

  • Subsidiary of Yang Mi’s management company, Jaywalk Studio
  • Idol division cultivating “multi-talented idols that can sing and dance”
  • Garnered a lot of interest when they announced the signing of internet celebrity, Liu Meng, who is known as the “most handsome girl”

Rumored Jaywalk NewJoy trainees joining “QCYN2”

Liu Meng a.k.a “LapMoby” (刘梦) and Wang Yale a.k.a “Yealy” (王雅乐)
Video of Yealy singing Alicia Keys’ “Fallin”:

Yang Mi’s Jaywalk NewJoy Signs “Most Handsome Girl”, Liu Meng

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Zhu Linyu (朱林雨) and Feng Wanhe (冯琬贺)


  • Manages AKB48 inspired group, SNH48 and all its subgroups
  • Branching out to South Korean market
  • First company to announce their trainees/current members would be joining “QCYN2”.

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Rumored STAR48 trainees joining “QCYN2”

Duan Yixuan (段艺璇) and Dai Meng (戴萌)

Zhang Yuge (张语格) and Fei Qinyuan (费沁源)

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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  1. 蜜蜂少女队 also has a list of idols attending QCYN2. Some are previous members of a group that debuted in 2016. Rocket Girls 101 contains a star from the company, 徐梦洁。

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