“Idol Producer” Boys Show Support for Cai Xukun as the PD of “Youth With You 2020”

Idol Producer Boys Show Support for Cai Xukun as the PD of Youth With You 2020

iQiyi teased everyone in October when they announced BLACKPINK’s Lisa as the dance mentor for “Youth With You 2020” (青春有你2). After that, there were no more updates about the other mentors. A few days ago, iQiyi dropped the bomb again and announced “The Rap of China” alum, Jony J, as the rap mentor. His announcement caused quite the controversy due to his previous comments about idols and unwillingness to work with them. Then on Christmas day, iQiyi shocked everyone again when they announced “Idol Producer’s” (偶像练习生) mega center, Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤), as the new “Youth Producer” of the the second season of “Youth With You”, featuring girl trainees.

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This was quite a shock as earlier rumors had listed Luhan as a potential candidate to be the PD. Then a few days ago, there were rumors that Cai Xukun would just be a guest mentor and that Lay Zhang would continue his role as PD. When the official announcement was made, overwhelming support rushed in for Cai Xukun. He responded to iQiyi’s post saying, “I’ve returned. Please take care of me!”.

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Aside from fans and netizens rushing in to show support for Cai Xukun, fellow “Qing Chun You Ni” dance mentor, Jolin Tsai, and “Idol Producer” boys, including NINE PERCENT, also left comments to cheer him on.
Jolin Tsai’s comment read, “Hello Cai Laoshi (teacher).” Cai Xukun responded back saying, “You (formal) are Cai Laoshi, I am Cai tongxue (classmate).”

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"Idol Producer" Boys Show Support for Cai Xukun as the PD of "Youth  With You 2020"

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A bunch of “Idol Producer” trainees, including NINE PERCENT members, left similar comments reminiscing the times when everyone would “steal” the seats. Cai Xukun or his team responded back with the same comment to the “Idol Producer” boys saying, “Thankful to factory (大厂) colleagues.”, but with different emojis for each person as Weibo wasn’t allowing him to post the same message so quickly.

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Cai Xukun showed a screenshot between a friend detailing his dilemma of not being able to reply back with the same comment. The friend responded back saying he can bypass it using different emojis. Fans also questioned why Cai Xukun showed a screenshot of the friend’s message as his messages should be on the left. The mystery was solved by another fan explaining Cai Xukun’s phone from Vivo, requires three fingers to capture a screenshot. Since he couldn’t do it, this is why his friend’s screenshot was used instead.

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"Idol Producer" Boys Show Support for Cai Xukun as the PD of "Youth  With You 2020"

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