Esther Yu’s Studio Apologizes for Following CP Account Shipping Cai Xukun and Esther Yu

Esther Yu's Studio Apologizes for Following CP Account Shipping Cai Xukun and Esther Yu

Actress Esther Yu (虞书欣) is the most polarizing trainee from “Youth With You 2020” (青春有你2). People either love her or hate her. Some netizens have complained she gets more screen time than some other trainees. Despite all the controversies surrounding her past, she still ranked number 1 in the voting after the second week. She seems to be trending almost every day, even more so than the mentors like Lisa or Cai Xukun.

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On March 21 the topic, “Esther Yu’s studio apologizes”, was trending. Someone discovered Esther Yu’s studio had actually followed a CP account that was shipping Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) and Esther Yu. She was already not well liked by netizens when there were rumors of her being a sasaeng fan prior to her debut. She is also a big BLACKPINK fan and because of a prior post about signing up for “Youth With You 2020” after Lisa was announced as the mentor, many people thought she purposely signed up to stalk Lisa. Her fans have clarified saying she had to have signed up way earlier than the announcement in October.

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After the discovery, her studio immediately unfollowed the account and issued an apology saying, “Sorry for troubling everyone. One of our colleagues received a link from a friend and directly clicked into it. This person didn’t notice and directly logged into the studio’s account. Right now, the entire department is reflecting. Very, very sorry to the Laoshi and fans who were implicated in this mess. Been receiving a lot of attention lately. We will also be very careful in the future and follow Xinxin’s footsteps. Sorry.”

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Netizens also discovered a prior interview asking Esther Yu what type of boy makes her love-struck/obsessively fall in love with. She had responded “Cai Xukun”. This interview was most likely done before she joined the show. Nonetheless, this also left a sour taste in many people’s mouths.

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However, Esther Yu amazed a lot of people on the fourth episode of “Youth With You 2020” when she was the leader of her group. Yuehua’s trainee and Daylight member, Song Zhaoyi (宋昭艺), got the center position with three votes. SNH48 member, Mo Han (莫寒), wanted to challenge for the center position again and said she wanted the opportunity to try again if her group members trusted her. Esther Yu stepped in and said Song Zhaoyi was voted as the center with three votes, “We need to be a bit more fair.” In response to that, Mo Han said, “Oh, I really want to challenge one more time.” Esther Yu said, “If we fight for it again, then there is no meaning to voting, right? Since we’ve done so much already, we should be fairer or else in the future we won’t be able to separate like this.”

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