Gabriel Harrison Felt Most Relaxed Filming Intimate Scenes with Selena Lee

Gabriel Harrison Felt Most Relaxed Filming Intimate Scenes with Selena Lee

Gabriel Harrison (海俊傑) and Selena Lee’s (李施嬅) ambiguous relationship in TVB’s “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV) is finally getting some traction in the last few episodes. In the preview for episode 26, their characters finally take a step further and admit their feelings for each other. However, it looks like Gabriel Harrison’s character, “Stan”, meets his demise, thus not being able to have his happily ever after with “Dr. Man”.

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Aside from this being their first time working together, the two of them also sang a duet together. Being that Gabriel Harrison started out as a singer, it was no problem for him. However, when talking about his on screen relationship with Selena Lee, he said, “When we first started shooting, I couldn’t get invested into the character. This time, it took almost until the ending that I could relax and fall in love with Selena’s character.” (Maybe it’s because you haven’t filmed in a long time.) “I haven’t dated in a long time. I don’t need to date with my wife. I haven’t faced another woman in a long time so I was a bit nervous.”

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Gabriel Harrison has been working in mainland China the last few years. Most of the roles he played were cool characters in hero movies. He jokingly said he hasn’t faced such a pretty girl while filming in a long time. He expressed, “My face was all stiff. I couldn’t do any expressions. Selena and the director kept telling me to relax. It made me seem like I didn’t know how to act. Luckily, after editing, you couldn’t see it.”

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In the end, there will be an intimate scene between the both of them. Gabriel Harrison jokingly said he was most relaxed for that scene. When asked if it was an extreme kiss scene, he said, “From a television scale, it won’t be that extreme. I am hugging her from the back and there are some kisses. It’s pretty romantic.” On whether he reported it to his wife, he said his wife won’t get jealous or visit the set. Gabriel Harrison said his wife even told him to “date” Selena Lee more and says she trusts him a lot.

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Talking about the 20 year gap since he last filmed for TVB, Gabriel Harrison said, “Maybe because I was young back then, I didn’t feel tired. Coming back to film now, the timing is longer, but after holding on, it was over. I was able to manage it. My wife would cook a lot of good things for me to eat and help me put on make up so I could rest more.”

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