Selena Lee Denies Only Dating Rich Men, Reveals Real Reason for Break Up with Patrick Tang

Selena Lee Denies Only Dating Rich Men

Selena Lee (李施嬅) is getting a lot of praise for her performance in “Barrack O’Karma” (金宵大廈). Many netizens have already chosen her as their “Best Actress”. She was recently on Terry Leung’s (梁泰來) radio show, “Circles” (1圈圈) and got candid about her break up with Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) and the rumors about her only dating rich men.

Identity of Selena Lee’s Fiancé Revealed

After joining TVB in 2004, Selena Lee was already dating Patrick Tang in the same year. There were rumors at the time that the two were already living together. However, there were rumors circulating Selena Lee asked Patrick Tang to help her financially in 2009 when she returned to school in Canada. This was said to be the reason for their break up after 5 years of dating.

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When asked about the real reason of their break up, Selena Lee revealed, “He is actually not my type. He is really artistically gifted, very detailed. When my dad’s business failed, having someone care about me especially touched me. But we didn’t mix well together. We shouldn’t be a couple. There was a lot of unhappiness in 5 years, a lot of negative energy because I am very stubborn towards relationships. It’s hard for me to let go. A lot of friends said we wouldn’t have results together, but we persisted for so long. Because we lived together, it was hard to separate until I left for school in Canada. I finally could take this step.”

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After announcing their break up in 2010, Selena Lee’s love life was plastered with rumors. The media started painting her as someone who only dated rich men due to her rumored partners all being very successful. Her rumored partners include Wilfred Ng (吳守基), a director at Yan Chai Hospital, Reggie Martin, executive at the Macau Venetian hotel, Myolie Wu’s husband, Philip Lee (李乘德), Christopher Hodgson Poon (潘樹維), an investment manager, and others. When this was brought up, Selena Lee denied only selecting rich men as boyfriends and said, “No, really? The media might report it like that sometimes, but it’s not true. People who know me knows I am not like that.” (When mentioning Patrick Tang, we know it’s not true.) “You can’t say that. Even though he wasn’t born rich, but he is still a very giving person. Whatever he has, he will give it to you.”

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When asked about her current qualities she looks for in a partner, Selena Lee says, “I actually don’t have any right now. Finding the right person who can accept me is already enough. Finding a man who can accept me is hard because I’m always flying, career oriented, and working hard.” Selena Lee had also thought she would get married before she was 30 when she was younger. Now that it has passed, she doesn’t think marriage is important as long as she finds the right person.

Credit: hk01, Selena Lee IG

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