Selena Lee Announces Departure from TVB

Selena Lee Announces Departure from TVB

Selena Lee (李施嬅), who has been with TVB for over 16 years, announced her departure from the company. She joined TVB after competing in the 2003 Miss Hong Kong pageant. She recently wrapped up filming on “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV), which will be her last drama with TVB.

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In an interview with Oriental Daily News, Selena Lee says, “Thank you to the media for asking me whether I am leaving TVB or not. My name has been removed from TVB’s website. It is true that my contract with them just ended, but my relationship with TVB is still very good. I am thankful to TVB for always cultivating me, allowing me to achieve some success overseas. It’s time for this student to graduate and venture out.”

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Selena Lee also posted on IG and Facebook addressing her departure. Part of the message says, “The child has grown up. It’s time to see the world. There is a heavy feeling of unwillingness to leave my TVB colleagues, producers, directors, etc, but I believe this is just a temporary departure. There will be a day where we will reunite once again.”

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