Selena Lee Returns to TVB by Signing with Shaw Brothers Studio

Selena Lee Returns to TVB by Signing with Shaw Brothers Studio

Selena Lee (李施嬅) left TVB in 2018 and ventured outside of the Asian film and TV market. Her last two TVB series, “Barrack O’Karma” (金宵大廈) and “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒4), were well received critically and ratings-wise. Due to the pandemic, a lot of Selena Lee’s work has been impacted. She recently confirmed she was returning to TVB to film “Barrack O’Karma 2”. As it turns out, Selena Lee revealed she recently signed with Shaw Brothers Studio, which is a subsidiary under TVB.

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As Selena Lee and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) had both resigned with TVB, some netizens have said it’s because they weren’t successful trying to venture elsewhere so they returned to their “home”. Selena Lee responded to these comments saying, “I don’t really agree with it. Filming TVB series doesn’t mean I can’t venture outside. I accepted “Barrack O’Karma 2” as a per series format. At the same time, I can also venture outside and try different things. It’s not that I can’t venture outside. In fact everyone told me to film “Barrack O’Karma 2″. I really like it too.” Selena Lee revealed she had a series in Canada that was set to start filming in August. However, as “Barrack O’Karma 2” is also filming in August, the Canadian series is waiting for her to complete it first.

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When talking about signing with Shaw Brothers, Selena Lee expressed executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) is very good. As Selena Lee already has managers for her overseas and mainland work, Virginia Lok said they could help her manage her work load. Selena Lee said, “Shaw Brothers is a very big scale company. Ms. Lok also has a lot of experience so I believe letting them manage all my work in Hong Kong I can relax easily. Shaw Brothers will help me handle my work in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. I am quite thankful to them.”

Selena Lee Confirms She’s Returning to TVB for “Barrack O’Karma 2”

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