Identity of Selena Lee’s Fiancé Revealed

Identity of Selena Lee's Fiancé Revealed

Selena Lee (李施嬅) announced she was engaged almost a week shy of Valentine’s Day. This came as a surprise as Selena Lee wasn’t known to be publicly dating anyone. She also didn’t reveal the identity of her fiancé either. However, the media was able to uncover the identity of Selena Lee’s fiancé.

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It turns out Selena Lee’s fiancé is a fitness instructor, Anson Cha (車崇健), who has worked with Chow Yun-fat, Aaron Kwok, and other celebrities. It’s reported Anson Cha comes from a well-off family. He reportedly has a property worth well over 10 million HKD. Selena Lee recently traveled back to Hong Kong and they were spotted together after she completed quarantine.

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After being spotted by reporters, Selena Lee admitted they have been dating for many years now and met through friends. Selena Lee explained her boyfriend is not in the industry and is very private, which is why she didn’t reveal him to the public. However, she said she’s training him to not be so shy in front of the media. She also gushed to the media that Anson Cha is very chivalrous and gentleman-like. Anson Cha also earned similar praises from Selena Lee’s group of friends.

As for the wedding plans, Selena Lee says it probably won’t happen during the pandemic. Her mother is in Canada and she only wants to have the wedding under safe conditions. Selena Lee said she will be flying elsewhere for work, but emphasized she and Anson Cha have their own work and alone time and the both of them are used to it.

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