Raymond Wong Secretly Watched Selena Lee and Gabriel Harrison Film Kiss Scenes in “Forensic Heroes IV”

Raymond Wong Secretly Watched Selena Lee and Gabriel Harrison Film Kiss Scenes in "Forensic Heroes IV"

TVB’s long anticipated series, “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV), finally aired on February 17. Selena Lee (李施嬅) and Raymond Wong (黃浩然) attended a promotional event to promote the series today. In the series, they are colleagues and good friends. Even though they don’t have a romantic storyline, Selena Lee revealed her fans hoped they would have one.

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In “Forensic Heroes IV”, Selena Lee and Gabriel Harrison (海俊傑) play a couple. Selena Lee revealed she has very extreme kiss scenes with Gabriel Harrison. She expressed, “The actions are pretty extreme, but Gabriel was pretty shy. So we needed a long time to figure it out. We even NG’ed a few times. It was really hard on Gabriel. Maybe because he doesn’t film these type of series often, so he couldn’t really get into character, unlike veteran actors like Raymond Wong.”

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Raymond Wong laughed and said even though he doesn’t have intimate scenes, but he couldn’t hold back and secretly watched Selena Lee and Gabriel Harrison film their kiss scenes. He also said from a television perspective, the kiss scenes are very extreme.

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In addition to their collaboration in the series, Selena and Gabriel Harrison sang a duet together named, “Second Fate” (二次緣). The duo even filmed the music video at the building used as the blueprint for “Barrack O’Karma”. Selena Lee fulfilled her dreams of being a singer with this song and gifted it to herself for her 39th birthday.

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