Shaun Tam Uses “Forensic Heroes IV” Performance to Prove He Didn’t Depend on His Father, Ti Lung

Shaun Tam Uses "Forensic Heroes IV" Performance to Prove He Didn't Depend on His Father, Ti Lung

The cast of “Forensic Heroes IV” (法政先鋒IV) attended a recording for variety show, “Cantopop At 50” (流行經典50年) today. The first episode debuted on February 17 to 33 points, which has broken the previous record holder of 8 years, “Triump in the Skies II” (衝上雲霄II), for highest premiere viewership ratings.

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On the good results of the first episode, Shaun Tam (譚俊彥) expressed after watching the premiere, he stayed up until four in the morning and couldn’t sleep. He revealed, “I read a lot of comments online, there were praises, criticisms, and some left suggestions. The most impressionable one was when someone said I depended on my dad (Ti Lung). I actually haven’t seen him in a long time. There were some fans who defended me, saying there shouldn’t be too much contention watching the drama.

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Shaun Tam’s wrestling scene with Raymond Wong in the first episode was also the talking point. He expressed, “This scene was shown for a few minutes, but we filmed this for 20 hours. We filmed until our underwear was wet. It was Lunar New Year eve the day we filmed that scene. After we were done, I slept until it was the third day of the Lunar new year.”

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Credit:, Shaun Tam IG