Taiwanese Goddess, Sharon Hsu, Makes a Cameo as Raymond Wong’s “Fake Sister” in “Forensic Heroes IV”

Taiwanese Goddess, Sharon Hsu, Makes a Cameo as Raymond Wong's "Fake Sister" in "Forensic Heroes IV"

TVB teased viewers when they showed Raymond Wong’s (黃浩然) character, “Ko On”, almost reuniting with his long lost sister, “Ko Seem”, in episode 16 of “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV). However, it turns out she wasn’t his biological sister and their meeting indirectly caused her untimely demise when she got hit by a car on her way to meet him.

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Even though it was a tragic ending for “Ko On” and “Ko Seem”, many netizens criticized the car accident scene. One person said, “There is actually an even faker car crash scene than the one from “Of Greed and Ants”, while another person said, “A bunch of good actors acting like this.”

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While “Ko Seem’s” character only lasted for a few scenes, the actress who portrays her character is not a random person. She is actually Taiwanese actress, Sharon Hsu (許維恩), and is known among the Taiwan entertainment industry as a goddess due to her figure. She claims that since she entered the industry, she has always maintained a 23 inch waist. As for how she maintains her figure, she said, “I really like to exercise and ride bikes. I would go to the gym 2-3 times a week. I would do about one and a half hours of aerobics, strength training, sit ups, and sculpting the stomach and hips area.”

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She started out as a model and starred in numerous MVs for Faye Wong, 5566, Wang Leehom and others. She is 38 years old this year, but she made headlines a few years ago for having two older sisters in their 40’s who look like they took a drink from the fountain of youth.

Lure Hsu (許路兒) is the eldest sister and is 45 years old this year. Next to her is Sharon Hsu, their younger brother and her second older sister, Hsu Fayfay.

Lure Hsu even made it to international news outlets for her youthful good looks.

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beautiful memories🌴♥️

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