Aaron Yan Felt This Way about Fahrenheit After Watching TVXQ Perform

Aaron Yan Felt This Way about Fahrenheit After Watching TVXQ Perform

Even though Taiwanese boy group, Fahrenheit (飛輪海), enjoyed immense popularity throughout Asia during the mid 2000’s era, they weren’t particularly known for their singing and dancing skills. There was one time when the group performed live and were immediately labeled as “car accident at the scene”, a phrased used to refer to performers going off key or singing badly. This label followed them throughout the the group’s time together.

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Watch the performance:

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Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) was on the latest episode of Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai’s show, “Hua Hua Wan Wu 2” (花花万物2). Kevin Tsai had asked him, “When you were in Fahrenheit, would you compare your own group with other idol groups?” Aaron Yan honestly answered, “I watched TVXQ performed one time. I thought to myself, I am so bad.”

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Fahrenheit watching TVXQ perform

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Kevin Tsai continued asking him, “Do you mean that up until seeing TVXQ you felt that you couldn’t compare to them? So the previous groups you were comparable to them?” Aaron Yan responds, “Not really…I know that when we sang and dance, we weren’t very in sync.”

Fahrenheit and TVXQ in 2008

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Dee Hsu then asks him, “Is your assessment of Fahrenheit not high?” Aaron Yan candidly says, “It has its value.” Kevin Tsai then asks if he has compared looks with other boy bands before. Aaron Yan confidently says, “Looks wise, we’re considered pretty up ahead.” Dee Hsu follows up saying, “Compared to other groups?”, which Aaron Yan says, “Yes.”

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What’s funny is that after this episode aired, Jiro Wang liked a netizen’s post who was reminiscing an old TVXQ performance.

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