Kathy Chow’s French Husband Caught Kissing Another Woman

Hong Kong model, Kathy Chow (周汶錡), married her French husband, Julien Lepeu, in 2012 after dating for six years. They have two sons, Jacques (4) and Avner (2). Kathy Chow would often post videos and pictures of their happy family. Last September, Kathy Chow posted a picture with her husband celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary. However, he was recently spotted kissing and holding hands with a foreign woman.

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Kathy Chow and Julien Lepeu met in 2006 when he was expanding his family’s jewelry business in Hong Kong. It’s reported that during their 6 years of dating, they had broken up because Kathy Chow had forced Julien Lepeu to get married. They got back together and had a lavish wedding in a castle in Grasse, France. When Kathy Chow turned 41, she gave birth their son, Jacques. Two years later, she gave birth to Avner.

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Julien Lepeu’s family is in the jewelry business. His father, Richard Lepeu, retired as the CEO of the French luxury goods company, Richemont. His mother, Evelyn, is also a famous jeweler. It’s reported his father invested money in his jewelry line. In 2014, it’s said Julien Lepeu paid around 30 million HKD for a retail location in Central that was renovated to be a French themed store called, Chateau Zoobeetle.

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In 2009, he was spotted on an outing with starlet, Venus Cheung (張羽希), at a bar in Tsim Sha Tsui. The reports at the time had said he was drunk and was attempting to kiss Venus Cheung’s face and mouth outside the bar, but she pushed him away. After the reports, Venus Cheung denied being a third party. Kathy Chow and her sister, Niki Chow (周勵淇), also defended Julien Lepeu saying he isn’t that type of person.

Oriental Sunday HK reporters had recently spotted Julien Lepeu driving in Deep Water Bay and was seen behaving intimately with a brunette woman. They were seen kissing and holding hands while dining at a restaurant. Julien Lepeu was not seen wearing his wedding ring.

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Days later, Oriental Sunday HK reporters claim they spotted Julien Lepeu taking his two sons out with their three nannies. He was seen wearing his wedding ring again.


Kathy Chow was hounded by Oriental Sunday HK reporters asking her about Julien Lepeu kissing another woman while she was taking her two sons out. First they asked her why she and her husband weren’t out celebrating Valentine’s Day. Kathy Chow responded that he was out of the country. This is the post Kathy Chow posted on Valentine’s Day.

Then they showed her pictures of Julien Lepeu engaging in intimate behavior with another woman and asked her if she knew this woman. Oriental Sunday HK reporters said Kathy Chow took a quick glance at the pictures and said, “What is up with you guys?” Then they ask her, “Is your husband going out more often lately?” Kathy Chow responded, “Ha? Stop asking further, stop asking me!” The reporter then says, “It looks like it wasn’t the first time he was hanging out with that woman.” Kathy Chow says, “Oh really?”. Reporters ask if there is anything she wants to respond on, which she says no.


Credit: Oriental Sunday HK (1, 2), Kathy Chow IG