Actress, Liu Jingyi, Claiming to be Zhou Yixuan’s Ex-Girlfriend Spills the Tea on Their Hidden Relationship

Actress, Liu Jingyi, Claiming to be Zhou Yixuan's Ex-Girlfriend Spills All Tea on Their Hidden Relationship

UNIQ’s leader, Zhou Yixuan (周艺轩), made headlines once again due to his love life. Back on March 5, his rumored actress girlfriend, Chen Mengyao (陈梦瑶), lashed out at his fans for attacking her and their alleged relationship. On March 12, another actress, Liu Jingyi (刘静怡), claimed to be his ex-girlfriend. She penned a long essay spilling all the details about their alleged hidden relationship and expressed her disappointment in him for staying quiet while his rumored girlfriend was taking the punches for him.

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In her post, she wrote: “This is something I’ve been afraid to face in the past three years. I finally decided to say it out loud today. From today onwards, it’s officially goodbye. In the essay, besides saying these words to the people I love and people who love me, it also contains a bit of our memories. The only time I celebrated your birthday with you alone. The only time you didn’t take a blurry photo of me. The only picture of us (and it was during work). Also, all the little things here and there that you left me. Thankful for the days we once spent together. Girl, add oil!”

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In Liu Jingyi’s essay, she starts off apologizing to her company and those she disappointed. Then she explains, “I was engulfed by all sorts of news regarding the love of two people. I shouldn’t have nor do I have the right to stand up and say something. After all, we broke up for three years already. Everyone has the right to start a new life, but it wasn’t until I saw fans asking the female party, “Does Xuan-ge know you’re this provocative?” Your (Chen Mengyao) response was elevated! This might be the last straw that broke me.”

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Liu Jingyi reveals she and Zhou Yixuan met while filming the series, ‘Female CEOs Bodyguard” (女总裁的贴身高手), and alleges they started dating at the end of that same year. She detailed she flew to Korea by herself during the 2016 Lunar New Year to celebrate the holiday with him. She mentioned how he had just debuted and couldn’t go home to see his parents for the holidays. She would be walking around by herself while he was practicing during the day. They secretly saw each other at her hotel at night after he was done practicing. Liu Jingyi mentioned they were able to spend a day together, go to Namsan Tower and hang a love lock. She even complained about his poor photography skills because all the pictures ended up blurry.

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Then she goes into their separation. They dated for a little over a year. She mentions they had break ups and reconciliations caused by their managers, companies, etc. intercepting along the way. Zhou Yixuan would definitively choose his career whenever his relationship with Liu Jingyi and his career clashed. She said she understood because he persisted for 10 years to chase after his dream. Her appearance was not planned in his life trajectory. He would often appease her by saying his boss agreed to let him date 3-4 years later.

During the Lunar New Year in 2017, Zhou Yixuan was filming a movie related to dancing. His parents were going to visit him in Beijing. Liu Jingyi offered to take them out for a meal with Zhou Yixuan. However, she revealed Zhou Yixuan didn’t even let his parents know about their relationship. His parents actually found out about their relationship when Zhou Yixuan’s boss told them that if he obsessively persisted in dating, that the company wouldn’t care about him or freeze him.

Zhou Yixuan later went to Huairou to film a series. Liu Jingyi secretly went to see him for two days. After filming ended, he left the country and found “大A” (Big A) to play. She couldn’t contact him each day. Suddenly one day, Zhou Yixuan told her they should break up. She asked him why, but he wouldn’t say it for the life of him. Liu Jingyi insisted on waiting for him to come back and talk to him face to face. It wasn’t until he returned to Beijing from filming the web series, “The Legend of Jade Sword” (莽荒纪), did they see each other for the last time. He said to Liu Jingyi that being with her was too much pressure, that she wasn’t supposed to show up in his plan, that he needed to continue to hustle for his career. Lastly, he told her that he felt so much pressure that he didn’t love her anymore. She asked him one question at the time, “During the Lunar New Year, when we saw each other at Huairou, were you already prepared for this?” He answered, “Yes, correct, I was already prepared for that to be our last meeting together. It’s just that I didn’t tell you.”

Liu Jingyi respected his decision because she loved him. When she saw the latest news about Zhou Yixuan and Chen Mengyao, she was hurt and felt disappointed in him. When they were together, he always told her absolutely not to let others, his company, and fans know about them and even up until the last day they were together, he repeated those words to her. If she had revealed it, he would’ve been disappointed at her. She also revealed, “Being together for over a year up until we broke up, we never took a picture together for the sole purpose to protect you and to allow you to trust me. The one who should be disappointed is me. We once promised each other if we separated, we would both work hard on our own and meet each other again one day. When we wait til that day, that means both of us are free. For this, I worked hard, wearing a skirt during winter to film, went into the water without knowing how to swim, did my own action scenes as long as I could handle it. I worked really, really hard to be on the same pace as you. I know this is the biggest obstacle between us and also the least confident part about me.”

She then explains why she waited so long to come out and say something and that there are people who will say she is trying to get publicity and trend on the Weibo Hot Search list. There would be people who say he already has a new relationship, it’s her problem for not being able to come out of it. She said, “I didn’t say anything at the time because I wanted to protect you. I didn’t want you to lose fans, lose the people who love you. As a result, three years later, another girl got trampled on. As for you, you are indifferent about it. On February 11, 2017, I remembered very clearly. That day, you texted me on WeChat to break up. The countless times I bore it alone, the sleepless nights, staying in good condition to film during the day, I gritted my teeth and stayed persistent because I wished you would be even better! Even better! Up to the day you filmed “All For One” and took out the red speaker I gave you, you said your dream is still the stage. I firmly believed I didn’t love the wrong person at the time.”

In conclusion, Liu Jingyi expressed, “We promised each other that once we were free, we would go to Disneyland together, lay on the beach and get tanned, live together and raise a dog. These expectations I once hoped for, you’ve already given them to another girl. I finally said all the words I’ve kept buried in my heart for three years. I should also start a new life. I hope the people who love him continue to love him. It really isn’t easy for him. If you guys leave, he will be really heart broken.” She apologizes to her company, people who support her and love her once again and says that every time she saw his news in the last three years, she would feel pain.

She gives some last advice presumably to herself: “Girl, please first learn to love yourself, believe in yourself, must learn not to feel inferior, learn to cherish and appreciate, and leave some pride and love for yourself!”

Zhou Yixuan nor his company have responded to the matter.

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