Fans Rush Zhou Yixuan and Chen Mengyao to Get Married in Hopes of Witnessing a UNIQ Reunion

Fans Rush Zhou Yixuan and Chen Mengyao to Get Married in Hopes of Witnessing a UNIQ Reunion

UNIQ’s leader, Zhou Yixuan (周艺轩), had a very busy March when it came to his personal life. First, his relationship with rumored girlfriend, Chen Mengyao (陈梦瑶), was publicized when she spoke out against his fans protesting them being together. Then a few days later, another actress claiming to be his ex-girlfriend spilled all the tea on their relationship and called him out for not protecting Chen Mengyao. On both occasions, Zhou Yixuan nor his company addressed the matter.

UNIQ’s Zhou Yixuan Rumored to be Dating Actress, Chen Mengyao

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On March 25, it was Chen Mengyao’s birthday. Zhou Yixuan wished her a happy birthday at 12:11 am. Chen Mengyao commented on the post with a simple heart. This led people to think the two of them were indirectly admitting to their relationship.

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Of course his fans were shocked at their revelation. There were a sea of comments with different emotions. Many fans expressed, “Are you crazy or is Du Hua (Yuehua CEO) crazy?”. Some fans also showed their displeasure towards him for choosing to be with Chen Mengyao and brought up her lashing out at his fans last time. There were also mature fans who accepted their revelation and started referring to Chen Mengyao as “saozi” (嫂子), which means sister-in-law.

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In the sea of comments, there were some funny ones that said they pray Zhou Yixuan and Chen Mengyao would get married quickly. They justified it by saying this would be their only opportunity to see UNIQ unite since the group hasn’t had any public events in a long time. Many fans also named Wang Yibo as one of his groomsmen and hoped to see him in a suit.

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2 thoughts on “Fans Rush Zhou Yixuan and Chen Mengyao to Get Married in Hopes of Witnessing a UNIQ Reunion

  1. Some people definitely did not play enough dolls in childhood. Yeah, in order to satisfy fan’s desire to see UNIQ together and witness Yibo in the suit of a bridegroom, a person must make the most important decision in his life quickly and make the wedding public. Yeah, already running.

    1. holy crap, i didn’t noticed my google-translate doesn’t cope with “groomsman”, i’m so sorry, poor Yibo.

      I’ve seen Unicorn’s, they seems so nice. I hope that these wild desires is not common thing among them. Ah, sometimes i really envy them: they witnessed chaotic Uniq’s days. Keep holding on, brave ppl, sun will shine for you again. Fans of “Eagles” made it, you will made it too 🙂

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