Two Groups Selected to Debut in “All For One” Finale

Two Groups Selected to Debut in "All For One" Finale

Youku’s male trainee survival show, “All For One” (以团之名), taped their finale on March 21st. While the show hasn’t aired yet, the results have already been shared by the show on their Weibo page. After three months of competing, the show decided to debut two groups. One group was selected based on the highest scores received for their group, which consisted of online votes and the live votes during the filming of the finale. The other group consists of 8 of the most popular eliminated trainees. Both groups will be managed by two separate management companies.

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The “champion group” called 新风暴, literally translates to “New Storm,” includes UNIQ member, Zhou Yixuan (周艺轩), Zong Ying (宗嬴), Hong Weizhe (洪暐哲), Su Xunlun (苏勋伦), Yang Bingzhuo (阳兵卓), Ashley Zhang (张镐濂), Gaochen Haoyu (苟晨浩宇), who is former bandmates with Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) from the group, SWIN, and Gong Yanxiu (龚言修). The “champion group” will be managed by Yuehua Entertainment (乐华娱乐).

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New Storm members L to R: Zong Ying, Gong Yanxiu, Zhou Yixuan, Ashley Zhang, Gaochen Haoyu, Yang Bingzhuo, Su Xunlun, Hong Weizhe

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As for the 8 most popular contestants, their group is called BlackACE. The center position was given to Pearain ZHao Pinlin (赵品霖), who is former bandmates with Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤) from the group, SWIN. The other members include: Shang Zhenbo also known as “Milk Tea” (商振博), Yang Tong (杨桐), AJ Lai Yuzhe (赖煜哲), Long Honghao (龙泓昊), Tian Shuchen (田书臣), Chen Shun (陈顺), and Wang Di (王迪). The “popular group” will be managed by Cool Young Entertainment (酷漾公司).

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BlackACE members L to R: Vic Chen Shun, Tian Shuchen, Yang Tong, AJ, Pearrain, Milk Tea, Long Honghao, Wang Di

Credit:, Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)