Fan Chengcheng’s Co-Stars Tell Him Why He’s Still Single

Fan Chengcheng's Co-Stars Tells Him Why He's Still Single

Chinese idol, Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞), is on a new variety show called “Daughters’ Boyfriend” (女兒們的男朋友), which just aired its first episode today. The show talks about four fathers and their perspectives when watching their daughters and their boyfriends interact with each other. Fan Chengcheng serves as an observer on the panel and provides his thoughts on dating as an 18 year old male.

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Fan Chengcheng Doesn’t Tell His Parents He is Dating Because of What They Did to Fan Bingbing

When the fathers started talking about how they protect their daughters, Fan Chengcheng proceeded to share an incident involving his older sister, Fan Bingbing (范冰冰). He starts telling the others there was a time where a man riding a bicycle took his sister home. When their father found out, he was really angry. He quickly took a slipper and went outside.

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Aside from busting on Fan Bingbing’s dating life, he also shares his own perspective on love that got his co-stars saying they understand why he’s still single. When one of the fathers asks him what he would he if the girl he likes was cold, Fan Chengcheng says, “I’ll give her a hand warmer.” Olivia Wang, shocked at his response, asks him, “You’ll give her one?” Fan Chengcheng responds, “Yes, one for each person, isn’t that just right?” He was met with entire silence from the group. When the only female panel member reiterates that it’s a girl he likes, Fan Chengcheng then changes his answer, “Then, let’s leave.” When one of the hosts asks him where they’re going, Fan Chengcheng responds, “Somewhere warm.” Then the host says, “It’s no wonder he’s still single.”

Fan Chengcheng Claps Back at Sasaeng Fans

Veteran actor, Paul Chun (秦沛), who is one of the fathers on the show, tells Fan Chengcheng that he should take off his coat and give it to the girl. Fan Chengcheng quickly retorts back, “But I am also cold.”, leaving everyone speechless.

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