Kathy Chow Seemingly Addresses Husband, Julien Lepeu’s Infidelity Allegations

Kathy Chow Seemingly Addresses Husband, Julien Lepeu's Infidelity Allegations

On March 12, Hong Kong headlines were plastered with news of Hong Kong model, Kathy Chow’s husband’s cheating allegations. Her French husband, Julien Lepeu, was caught by Oriental Sunday HK, kissing and behaving intimately with another woman. When their reporters had ambushed Kathy Chow while she was out with her two sons, she was flabbergasted when they showed her pictures of Julien Lepeu kissing someone else. She didn’t address the situation until today.

Kathy Chow’s French Husband Caught Kissing Another Woman

Kathy Chow posted this two days before the pictures were leaked

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On March 22, it was Kathy Chow’s youngest son, Avner’s third birthday. She posted a message seemingly addressing the infidelity rumors and seems to have chosen to forgive Julien Lepeu. In her message, she wrote:

Niki Chow Pregnant with Her First Child

“Thankful to my family and friends. Everyone has always been concerned about me, protecting me, all these years. Sorry, for worrying you guys lately. This is the most important lesson in life! We will work hard to do our homework well, learn from it and progress! The both of us still believe “love” can improve each other’s relationship and is the original source in resolving the issues! In the future, we will continue to work hard for our children, for our family, for each other, treasure each other and progress together! Really thankful we possess so much in life already. During the outbreak, hope everyone is healthy! Love you guys! Happy 3rd birthday to our wonderful son.”

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