Jan Tse Recounts Ordeal Playing a Corpse in Vacuum Sealed Bag in “Forensic Heroes IV”

Jan Tse Recounts Ordeal Playing a Corpse in Vacuum Sealed Bag in "Forensic Heroes IV"

It seems the wait for TVB’s “Forensic Heroes IV” (法證先鋒IV) was worth it as the series reached a new high of 37.1% in viewership ratings. Perhaps it’s the high production value of the series or the fact that everyone is staying indoors more due to the COVID-19 outbreak. You must give TVB some credit for spending the money on the technology and realistic crime scenes.

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In episode 8, Jan Tse (謝芷倫) is a jewelry store worker who is murdered by Bob Cheung (張彥博) after he finds out she was only getting close to him for the diamonds. After he kills her, he stuffs her corpse in a vacuum sealed plastic bag that had bed bugs. Then, he throws her body into the sea with a bag of bricks, hoping the corpse sinks to the bottom.

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Jan Tse spoke to TOPick about this scene and revealed, “There were a few scenes where I had to really sleep inside the vacuum sealed bag and then have the air taken out. It is only realistic because all the air in the bag was sucked out. I’ve tried it to a point where my face, eyes, and nose all shifted.” She also revealed she had to sleep in the bag without moving for a few hours.

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Before filming the scene, she had rehearsed sleeping in the bag and had the production crew help her get ventilation inside. As for safety concerns, Jan Tse revealed they had an expert check the bag was able to circulate air inside. She only rehearsed under the supervision of the production crew. She expressed, “Actually, after sucking the air out, there would be a little air left because I only needed to hold my breath for a few seconds. I was scared the first few times, but after rehearsing so many times, I got used to it.”

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Aside from having to play a corpse, Jan Tse also suffered some injuries from a few fight scenes. Jan Tse revealed, “There was a scene where I dislocated my shoulder. In order to make it even more realistic, I tried to do it for real. Who knew after filming, my shoulder was in a lot of pain. I think I pulled my muscle.”

Selena Lee (李施嬅), who plays a medical examiner in the series and had a scene with Jan Tse, shared a BTS clip of the corpse in the sealed bag. She also praised her and the crew members for their professionalism.

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Credit: TOPick, Jan Tse IG