Mik Thongraya Admits He and Bow Maylada are “More Than Just Friends”

Mik Thongraya Admits He and Bow Maylada are "More Than Just Friends"

Popular Thai on-screen couple, Mik Thongraya and Bow Maylada, have been keeping everyone guessing about their relationship. Ever since starring in the 2019 drama, “Mon Garn Bandan Ruk”, their dating rumors have been the talk among the media and netizens. While the two initially claim to be just friends, they lure everyone with their ambiguous responses and fan service. Their relationship seems to have escalated to the next level as Mik gave an interesting response at a recent interview.

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The first thing reporters asked Mik was his relationship with Bow. They asked about his Valentine’s Day with Bow and he said there were fresh flowers. He said he was very happy and admitted this was their first time celebrating Valentine’s Day together. When reporters asked how fast his heart was beating, Mik said, “I think the feeling is very good. We’re both working hard.”

As for their Valentine’s Day presents for each other, Mik said they didn’t tell each other ahead of time, but they gave each other surprises. When a reporter asked if their relationship has gone to the next level after celebrating Valentine’s Day together, Mik expressed, “Not yet. Not yet a ‘relationship’.” A reporter asked why they aren’t in a “relationship” yet, when a lot of people are supporting them and looking forward to them being together. Mik says, “Right now, It’s just right. It’s okay. It’s very happy having each other’s support.”

A reporter asks, “But it’s very definitive you guys are just seeing each other right now?”. Mik confirmed, “Right now we are just seeing each other, no other people.” In order to get a more definitive answer, a reporter asks, “But you guys have definitely surpassed being friends?” Mik laughs uncontrollably probably due to hearing another reporter’s question and asks the first person to repeat their question. After hearing the question again, he confirmed, “It has surpassed being friends.”

Reporters continue asking how long it will take for them to define their relationship. Mik expressed there is no timeline and that they are very happy with their situation and supporting each other right now. He attributes to them both being very busy and tired. One of the reporters jokingly said, “It’s a new generation. Are you waiting for Bow to come out first and announce the relationship?” Mik responded, “No, she is a girl. She needs to restrain herself a bit.” (So then wait for you to announce it?) Mik said, “If the time comes.” (It should be time to announce it.) Mik laughed and said, “What are the advantages in announcing it?”

The reporters weren’t satisfied with his answer so they asked him one more time, “If you guys are ready, will you announce the relationship?”. Mik responded, “I think time will prove everything.” Even though they are busy, Mik revealed they talk on LINE everyday and give words of encouragement to each other. He revealed he doesn’t say things like “I miss you” because he isn’t the sweet type.

Credit: Panda在曼谷 Weibo, Mik Thongraya IG