Fans Upset at Greg Hsu’s Ex-Girlfriend for not Deleting Old Pics of Them on Instagram

Fans Upset at Greg Hsu's Ex-Girlfriend for not Deleting Old Pics of Them on Instagram

Taiwanese actor Greg Hsu (許光漢) was appointed as the “nation’s husband” after his performance in “Someday or One Day”. Even though he has been in the industry for 8-9 years now, his popularity has surged in recent months. Now that Greg Hsu is on everyone’s radar, fans and netizens are digging up his past, especially his romantic history.

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Some of Greg Hsu’s new fans dug up one of his ex-girlfriend, Cleo Chien’s (簡婕) Instagram account. They discovered she still had pictures from when they were together. Fans got upset as they broke up more than two years ago and were leaving comments asking why she hasn’t deleted them.

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Cleo Chien and Greg Hsu got to know each other as they both started out as print models. They broke up in June 2017 reportedly due to differences in views. However, it was discovered they were still following each other up until January 20. Greg Hsu no longer follows Cleo Chien, while she still follows him. This was also around the same time that Greg Hsu signed with a Chinese management company to advance into the China market. Some fans speculated this move was done to protect his career and wished he was still secretly together with Cleo Chien.

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While there are fans asking Cleo Chien to delete the old pictures of her and Greg Hsu when they were dating, there were also supporters who defended her. Some of the fans left comments retorting back why she has to delete them when it was part of her “beautiful memories” and that it’s no one’s business what she does with it. One netizen pointed out that she didn’t delete pictures of another ex-boyfriend that she dated after Greg Hsu either, explaining that it’s not just because it’s Greg Hsu that she kept them up.

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Cleo Chien saw the comment and responded back to this person, saying, “So touching…someone finally broke through the blindspot. There are even earlier pictures I still haven’t deleted.”

Credit: UDN Stars, Cleo Chien IG

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