Greg Hsu Reveals His Ideal Type and His Idea of a Romantic Proposal

Greg Hsu Reveals His Ideal Type and His Idea of a Romantic Proposal

Ever since Greg Hsu (許光漢) blew up because of Taiwanese series, “Someday or One Day” (想見你), his fanbase of Hsu taitais (許太太), which translates as “Mrs. Hsu”, grew exponentially. He was on the April cover of ELLE Taiwan’s magazine. In the interview, he talked about his current self. He mentioned, “I’m still trying to get a feel on one hand, grow up on one hand. This seems to be a lifetime matter! I feel like my current condition is a bit indecisive. I still can’t do things at ease. I hope to face things and move forward in a calm manner.”

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As for being crowned the new “nation’s boyfriend”, he expressed a perfect boyfriend should have basic principles like “sincerity” and “consideration”. As for his ideal type, he shared, “Clean, fresh, classy. But most important is being able to connect when we chat and at the same time she looks right to my liking.” As for how he would propose, he expressed, “I respect a woman’s thoughts, but if it was me I would prefer to have the proposal only involve two people, just like the movie, “About Time”. The male lead sings a song on the beside and proposes just when the female lead wakes up and is about to get out of bed. It’s extremely romantic.”

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Before Greg Hsu made it big, he was working multiple jobs. His family would always be worried about him. It wasn’t until he starred in “Qseries” (植劇場) that he started making strides in his career. Greg Hsu still believes he has a lot to learn and uses these words to encourage himself: “Accept your own imperfections. This is the real perfect thing!”

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Credit: UDN Stars, Greg Hsu Weibo