Greg Hsu on Being Thankful for the 7 Years He was Unknown and Staying True to Himself After Gaining Fame

Greg Hsu on Being Thankful for the 7 Years He was Unknown and Staying True to Himself After Gaining Fame

Taiwanese actor, Greg Hsu (許光漢), became a household name after starring in the 2019 hit series, “Someday or One Day” (想見你). He has been given the title of “nation’s boyfriend” by the media and netizens. He has made appearances on variety shows and even filmed a Chinese movie, “On Our Wedding Day” (你的婚礼). He has also been endorsing several major brand names and was nominated at the 55th Golden Bell Awards for the Best Actor category for his role in “Someday or One Day”. Despite all this popularity and success he’s getting now, it wasn’t an easy road for Greg Hsu.

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Greg Hsu got his start at 13 when he starred in Jay Chou’s music video, “Class 3-2”, in 2003. He was originally signed by Seed Music to debut in a boy band, but those plans fell through. Afterwards, he got his first break in 2013 in a Malaysian series called “Dive Into Love” (潜入蓝中篮). It was because of this series that he started developing an interest in acting.

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Unfortunately, after that movie, he didn’t have any new acting work. The start of his career mirrored the life of most actors. In the first 2-3 years, he would be working various part time jobs and had a few drama performances here and there while auditioning for roles. He worked at a coffee shop, bar, Italian restaurant, yogurt shops, and more to support himself. His family was extremely worried and suggested for him to find a stable job. Greg Hsu said it was very hard for him to explain what he was waiting for to his family.

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It wasn’t until the 2016 series, “Love of Sandstorm” (植劇場), where he had a breakthrough. He started to get more steady work. He already had a breakthrough performance in the 2019 Netflix series, “Nowhere Man”. Then he starred in “Someday or One Day”, and the rest is history.

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Looking back on his early days, Greg Hsu said, “I was probably naive. At the time, I thought this world was very beautiful. I felt I had a lot of energy that I could go and charge ahead. At the same time, I am also very grateful for myself during that time. If I didn’t survive that period of unstable work at the time, maybe the person I am today would be on a completely different path…There are a lot of actors who are still waiting for an opportunity. So I wouldn’t think I am suffering a lot. Compared to other people, I am already much more fortunate.”

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While Greg Hsu enjoys his current opportunities and popularity, he mentioned, “There are two sides to it. On one side, I am very grateful for everyone’s attention, but at the same time, it’s also a bit scary to some extent. However, I will still say to myself to just be myself and it’ll be fine. I wouldn’t become someone I’m not just because there are a bit more people who know me.” With his 30th birthday coming up, Greg Hsu’s birthday wish is to “maintain your original intentions, grab hold of things you want to grab onto, whether it be facing people or work, you must hold onto some pure things.”

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