Riley Wang is Not Getting “The Girl” in Rom-Com, “Everyone Wants To Meet You”

Riley Wang is Not Getting "The Girl" in Rom-Com, "Everyone Wants To Meet You"

It’s hard to imagine Riley Wang (王以綸) not being the male lead in a fluffy Chinese rom-com after seeing him and Zhao Lusi as a couple in “I Hear You”. His new series, “Everyone Wants To Meet You” (谁都渴望遇见你), aired on iQiyi on February 16, but unfortunately, he doesn’t get the girl. Riley Wang plays the second male lead in the series and while he doesn’t get the girl, he does eventually fall for the second female lead.

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The series stars Zhang Zhehan (张哲瀚) as “Zhang Min”and Zhang Ruonan (章若楠) as “Luo Xi” as the male and female leads, respectively. The story revolves around “Zhang Min”, the heir and general manager of a five star resort hotel, who is always immersed in his work and aloof, until he meets the bright and cheerful, “Luo Xi”.

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Zhang Zhehan as “Zhang Min”

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She is a tree whisperer who can communicate with plants and treats them like her own life. She also possesses “magical powers” to heal those around her.

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Zhang Ruonan as “Luo Xi”

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Their first encounter is not a pleasant one and sets the tone for their future relationship where they are constantly bickering.

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Riley Wang plays “Tao Lun”, who is childhood sweethearts with “Luo Xi”, and has a crush on her, but she only views him as an older brother.

Riley Wang as “Tao Lun”

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After interacting with “Zhang Min” day in and day out, she is able to see his warm side through his cold exterior. Their relationship and feelings for each other is elevated. They decide to be together and operate a youth hostel in the countryside.

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During this time, “Tao Lun” focuses on his career after losing out in love. However, he starts to develop feelings for “Liu Wenna”, played by Chen Haolan (陈昊蓝).

Chen Haolan as “Liu Wenna”

Trouble comes knocking on “Zhang Min” and “Luo Xi’s” doors when a big corporation tries to acquire their hostel. “Zhang Min” and “Tao Lun” decide to join forces to protect their beautiful and natural scenery against the big corporation. In the end, they are able to protect their beloved land and find happiness along the way.”

The castle they filmed in France.
Chen Haolan and Vicki Zhao, who served as a producer in her first series.

Credit: Baidu, Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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