Riley Wang Starring in New Web Series, “First Romance”

Riley Wang Starring in New Web Series, "First Romance"

Taiwanese actor Riley Wang (王以綸) is so busy nowadays. He already has three series that haven’t aired yet and he is already filming a new one. It was announced today that Riley Wang is starring as the male lead in a new Youku school romance web series called, “First Romance” (初恋了那么多年). The series had its blessing ceremony yesterday in Qingdao.

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The series is based on a novel with the same name. It talks about a girl with crazy strength, “Xiong Yifan” (熊伊凡), played by actress, Wan Peng (万鹏) who meets a young pianist, “Yan Ke” (颜柯), played by Riley Wang. Through some misunderstandings, they eventually fall in love and become each other’s first love.

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The series will talk about how “Xiong Yifan” and “Yan Ke” develop their relationship and also explore the intricacies in romance and friendship. It’s said the producers and scriptwriters used the tagline “Do you still remember yourself from your first love?” as basis for developing the storyline. Music will also play a big role in the series as shown in the poster.

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