Zhu Zhengting Warns His Sasaeng Fans and Retaliates By Posting Their Pictures

Zhu Zhengting Warns His Sasaeng Fans and Retaliates By Posting Their Pictures

It seems like everyday we hear about celebrities venting about sasaeng fans and condemning their behavior. It’s so common nowadays that a topic like “X celebrity lashes out at sasaeng fans”is frequently trending on Weibo’s hot search list. The Chinese sasaeng fandom in particular seems to be on a whole new level. From being able to cancel plane tickets, to knocking on room doors at hotels where celebrities are staying at, there really isn’t any limit as to how far they can go. The latest victim of sasaeng fans is NINE PERCENT member and NEX7’s leader, Zhu Zhengting (朱正廷).

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Zhu Zhengting Warns His Sasaeng Fans and Retaliates By Posting Their Pictures

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Zhu Zhengting vented about an incident between sasaeng fans on September 28. He wrote:

“Yesterday, I was pondering the whole night, deciding whether to post this or not. Truthfully speaking, I am very mad…
I know this is a form of love from you guys, but please don’t come close to my friends, my family. I have already said this many times.
This type of behavior really crosses the boundaries.
Yesterday, the door bell rang. My friend thought it was the delivery person. He suddenly saw a security monitor and thought something wasn’t right. Once I saw, I was very mad. My friend also feels that this has brought him a lot of trouble.
This isn’t the first time already. I gave you guys a lot of chances.
But this happens time after time.
So this time, don’t blame me for not giving you guys face…
There were a few that escaped, but I remember your faces. Try coming again and see what happens.
I won’t just be posting on Weibo.
We will see each other at the police station…
Thought about it, since I’ve already said it then I’m going to say it all. Cell phone numbers, don’t look it up anymore. I’ve already changed two numbers.
Hotel room number, don’t call anymore.
Also, your personal belongings stuck in the gate will no longer be there.”

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He also posted four pictures of the sasaeng fans that were squatting by his home.

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In fact, Zhu Zhengting’s members, Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) and Justin Huang Minghao (黄明昊), have also experienced sasaeng behavior. While Fan Chengcheng hasn’t written anything to address them, but he did have a run in with them one time and even shouted at them, “Can sasaeng fans be called fans?” As for Justin Huang Minghao, he addressed two separate occasions on Instagram. The first time, it was much more light hearted when he told his fans not to follow him on his personal trip with family. The second time, he was much more stern telling sasaengs not to squat outside his hotel room. It’s unclear why Yuehua hasn’t issued a statement on any of this yet.

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