Yao Yao Clarifies Relationship with Riley Wang Hasn’t Changed

Yao Yao Clarifies Relationship with Riley Wang Hasn't Changed

For those who didn’t know, budding Taiwanese actor, Riley Wang (王以綸), has been in a relationship with Taiwanese actress and singer, Kuo Shuyao (郭書瑤) or Yao Yao (瑤瑤) ever since the two hit it off in the 2017 Taiwanese series, “Attention, Love!” (稍息立正我愛你). Their romance came to light when the two were spotted in Korea holding hands in October 2017. The two denied their relationship and just said they were really good friends. However, last April, the two were caught kissing in a taxi cab after eating at a restaurant in Taipei. While the two didn’t directly confirm their relationship, Yao Yao’s management company relayed a message, “Thank you to everyone for your concerns and blessings.”, indirectly admitting to dating Riley Wang.

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Since Riley Wang is busy filming nowadays, he is often overseas. It was reported the longest time they’ve been apart from each other was three months. Last October, the two were rumored to have broken up when Yao Yao posted a cryptic message on her Instagram: “Once we learn how to hold hands, we need to learn how to let go.” This led many fans to believe the couple broke up, but there was no follow up after the post. At an event today, Yao Yao was asked about her relationship with Riley Wang again. She responded, “It’s very good. Thank you everyone. Distance is an issue. Saying it isn’t is a lie, but on the other hand, it’ll make us cherish the time we spend together even more.”

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Both are busy with their respective careers. Yao Yao had even went to the US by herself to study dancing, but emphasizes she isn’t the clingy type and wouldn’t visit her boyfriend on set. She stated, “We try our best not to appear at each other’s place of work.” When the reporters started to pry more about Riley Wang, Yao Yao got a little annoyed and shouted, “Not talking about it anymore. There is nothing to talk about. I am not his mother!”

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