TVB Artist, Luk Ho Ming, Apologizes for Mistakenly Saying SARS Originated in Hong Kong

TVB Artist, Luk Ho Ming, Apologizes for Inadvertently Saying SARS Originated in Hong Kong IG_02.17.20

TVB artist, Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明), got himself into hot water on the show he hosts, “Young And Restless” (#後生仔傾吓偈). On a recent episode talking about “epidemic awareness”, he mistakenly mentioned the 2003 SARS outbreak originated in Hong Kong. His comments sparked backlash among netizens. Afterwards, he issued an apology on IG.

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However, it seems like that apology didn’t appease netizens. He was in tears at the TVB studios on February 17 and once again apologized for his mistake. He started off saying, “I was negligent and was careless in certain areas of the show. I said some wrong information. Afterwards, even though I did say that the origins of the disease was from a professor in Guangzhou, but I didn’t take better corrective action to make it clear and definitive enough. This led to everyone to misunderstand. I didn’t explain the origin was not from Hong Kong.”

In addition to that, Luk Ho Ming took out his cell phone to recite some facts about the 2003 SARS outbreak to correct his earlier mistakes. He also expressed what he originally wanted to say was that Hong Kong was one of the sites of a major SARS outbreak. In his apology he said, “If this action has caused everyone to be upset and hurt, I sincerely apologize. After going through this incident, we will be more cautious and careful in dealing with the show’s topics. The staff members of the show and I also want to say thank you to all the medical workers that fought the SARS outbreak and are now fighting this new epidemic in Hong Kong. They are using themselves to protect us. I hope the epidemic will soon be over.”

Luk Ho Ming also said he lost sleep the past two nights. However, he shared what netizens said about him was not what made him unhappy. It was actually because this incident made his mother worry. As he was in tears, he said, “I told my mom it’s nothing. Being an artist, you will sometimes have to deal with these kind of news. I told her not to worry.” When asked if his work has been affected, he said, “Hope not. I also hope this won’t affect our advertising clients. I will send them a message to apologize.

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