Xiao Zhan Wants His Fans to First Focus on Living Their Life Well

Xiao Zhan Wants His Fans to First Focus on Living Their Life Well

On the sixth episode of the “Ai Si Bu Si” (爱思不si) interview series, host, Ma Weiwei (马薇薇), asks Xiao Zhan, “As an idol, what type of person do you want your fans to become?” Xiao Zhan responds, “From being a normal person to now being a public figure that is liked by everyone, I know what a normal person’s lifestyle is like. So to my fans, first, you need to live your life well. Only then will you have leisure time to like and chase after celebrities.”

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Xiao Zhan then gets emotional talking about a letter he received from a long time fan. He revealed, “Sometime ago, there was a fan who wrote me a letter. I actually know who this fan is. After reading her letter, I was especially moved, especially happy. She said, ‘Xiao Zhan gege, I liked you for so many years. Later on I also found my other half in real life. Then I got married and I am really happy right now.’ I think it’s really great.”

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Ma Weiwei then says Xiao Zhan values one’s own happiness and that happiness stems from the heart, not the brain. Xiao Zhan agrees and says, “Because I think liking [someone] is mutual. No one will like you without good reason. You have to be worthy of them liking you. That’s why I hope they can live a really good lifestyle. I can become even better and at the same time, I hope they can also become better too. We can become excellent together, become even better together.”

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6 thoughts on “Xiao Zhan Wants His Fans to First Focus on Living Their Life Well

  1. This young man appears, seems to be humble but in addition very confident and comfortable in his own skin. I do hope and pray that his popularity and fame does not change nor interfere with those characteristics.
    His natural talent, skills and ability will be serve him well if he does not allow public comments and opinions sway him. Much aloha to you Xiao Zhan.

  2. love u xiao zhan wei ying…no worries I will live my life well just like u…GODBLESS U ALWAYS 😊😇😇😇

  3. He’s really someone worth taking note of. His philosophy is down to earth yet full of positivity. I think he can be a politician if he ever quits being an actor! I mean it as a compliment 😝

  4. As a fan I want to say thanks for caring for your fans.. And I hope the same for him to focus on living his life as well also. May you continue to succeed and achieve your goals.

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