Xiao Zhan Reacts to Being Perceived as Fake and Reading Comments about Himself

Xiao Zhan Reacts to Being Perceived as Fake and Reading Comments about Himself

In the last episode of the “Ai Si Bu Si” (爱思不si) interview series, host, Ma Weiwei (马薇薇), starts off saying Xiao Zhan (肖战) is a very polite and well mannered person. She then asks him, “Will people say you are fake? Do you think you’re fake?”

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Xiao Zhan responds, “This was a question I was reflecting upon myself previously. Everyone is telling me, ‘You need to be a little more real.’ I want to say this is the real me. Do you want me to showcase the interaction style between my friends and I in private settings for everyone to see? I don’t think that’s called being real, it’s called not being professional. If everyone wants to see my personal life, then I’ll just simply go on variety shows with the camera filming me. When you’re in front of the camera, it’s a form of work. But I chose the method that’s most familiar to me [to show everyone].”

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Xiao Zhan Reacts to Being Perceived as Fake and Reading Comments about Himself

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Ma Weiwei then asks if he is afraid when things he says can be can taken out of context. Xiao Zhan expressed, “Yes, everyone is scared. Any type of video or picture can lead to some unfavorable public opinions or comments towards you. I think this is very scary. You can never explain yourself clearly.”

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Xiao Zhan then talks about reading comments online. He expressed, “My manager tells me not to check Weibo so often because there might be some bad comments. He knows my temperament well so if I saw those comments, I would indignantly say, ‘This is fake!’, but I can’t [respond with] fake, fake, fake, fake! How can I respond to all the comments? It would actually give them new content. Why bother? I won’t look at it and I won’t care about it. I’ll just be myself and that’s enough.”

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10 thoughts on “Xiao Zhan Reacts to Being Perceived as Fake and Reading Comments about Himself

  1. Xiao Zhan stay strong. Don’t take those words to heart. They only say those bad things because they can’t be you. You are awesome and you are everything. Continue to keep up the good work and stay strong. We support you all the way. WE LOVE XIAO ZHAN🖤

  2. So heart-warming to read few positive and supportive comments of Xiao Zhan💖. Understandably, it won’t be easy to ignore ill-intent, malicious comments bc we’re only warm-blooded human with feelings and most often with a fragile heart. Taking leaf with what’s happening in SK entertainment industry the ‘mental-state’ effect of cyber-bullying leading to depression and list of idols’ suicides, my personal POV is the cliched ‘Prevention is the best (prescribed) medicine’. Reportedly, a number of celebrities in glitzed Hollywood including some in SK don’t have IG, Twt, etc account. They don’t indulged in vlogging and the likes at all. Totally absent, non-existent in the cyber-world by choice/decision yet still popularly known by their sheer work. Xiao Zhan should seriously consider this stance. The celebs also don’t indulge in or avoid interviews chatting away abt contemptuous malicious comments of others BUT interviews to chat only abt their current singing acting career. Period! Rather be involved in intelligent, career promo and enhancing type of media interviews as opposed to tabloid trashy kind. All mentioned above can be considered as effective pre-emptive measures against malice intended detractors. Then again it depends on the effectiveness of celeb like up-coming star Xiao Zhan’s PR media publicity machinery team, really!!!😉

  3. Do what you love and like xiao gege….😊
    Don’t explain yourself for those who love you cause they didn’t need it and for those who hate you they don’t believe it.

  4. Your true fans will always love and support.. never take these malicious and negative comments to heart. Always stay positive and be true to yourself.. Stay strong mind body & soul. never let harsh words take your peace of mind away from you..

  5. I’m just wanna say stay strong bro Xiao zhan you are my idol I’m your a big big fan I hope you’re a long live and may ALLAH protecting you all your path ameen nshaawla

    1. Xiao Zhan-ge no matter what stay strong. You are a human and you have your own rights. We, your fans, will always support you. You are a honest and polite men, and most important you are a Human. You can be wrong sometimes, but you will learn and continue, because you are human! I wish you happiness!

    1. Xiao zhan am so happy that atleast u know something about being yourself. Just be u and focus on yo own principle coz not everyone loves u and u will not make us all happy just chill out and know that about 100 the 99 of fun are all with u then the 10 take them as fake and fools all I can say is “PEACE”be still man I love u and u have my support

  6. I just want to say I will adore love uuu and support you FOREVER my handsome XIAO ZHAN WEI YING🤩😘😍GODBLESS U ALWAYS😇😇😇

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