TVB Lures Viewers with Wiyona Yeung’s Backless Scene in “The Man Who Kills Troubles”

TVB Lure Viewers with Wiyona Yeung's Backless Scene in The Man Who Kills Troubles

TVB’s anniversary series, “The Man Who Kills Troubles” (解決師), had a lot of buzz before it aired when they showed a preview of Jonathan Cheung (張頴康)and Crystal Fung’s (馮盈盈) shower kiss scene. The company continued to lure viewers with a preview of Wiyona Yeung’s (楊柳青) backless bathtub scene with Eric Li (李天翔).

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Eric Li plays a triad boss, while Wiyona Yeung plays his secretary girlfriend in the series. Wiyona Yeung spoke to and expressed the bathtub scene is her sexiest scene yet since her debut. She expressed, “I was a bit nervous when I got the script, but I wanted to film it well. I want to give the audience a different side of Wiyona Yeung. I did a lot of prep work. I wore a nude bra and wore shorts. When we were filming, it wasn’t as awkward as I imagined it because Eric is very nice, very gentleman. When I was getting ready, he completely didn’t look at me. Throughout the whole process, he faced the ceiling to avoid me feeling awkward. When the cameras started rolling, he only got into character. Really thankful to him for coordinating with me. He is a really good partner.”

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Aside from this scene, Wiyona Yeung will also be donning a bikini to seduce Alan Wan (溫家偉). She expressed, “I am most worried about my own figure, whether it will look good or not. I have high standards in this area. That’s why I purposely chose not to eat rice, not drink water to make myself a bit drier. I wanted to train myself to have abs, but due to time constraints, the results were not ideal. Hope the next time there is an opportunity to film again, my figure can look better.”

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TVB Lure Viewers with Wiyona Yeung's Backless Scene in The Man Who Kills Troubles
Wiyona Yeung and Alan Wan

Wiyona Yeung started as a model and later transitioned into an action star. She started getting recognized after playing “Jenny” in the 2017 series, “Heart And Greed 3” (溏心風暴3). Wiyona Yeung explained this character is different from the roles she normally plays. She expressed, “I am pretty tomboyish normally. This time I want to be a very refined secretary from head to toe. There are some differences compared to my real life personality. I have to constantly remind myself to be more refined, have smaller actions, talk more gently.”

Credit: hk01, Wiyona Yeung IG