Xiao Zhan’s Studio Issues Apology for Flight Delay After He was Blocked from Boarding

Xiao Zhan's Studio Issues Apology for Flight Delay After He was Blocked from Boarding

Due to Xiao Zhan’s (肖战) popularity, he is constantly the center of attention, whether he likes it or not. With this new elevated status, there will be people wanting to get close to him whether for personal or commercial reasons. There was an incident today at the Beijing Capital International Airport when Xiao Zhan and his staff member were blocked from boarding their flight, causing delays to the plane taking off. Because of this incident, Xiao Zhan’s studio issued an apology today addressing the delays and explained what happened.

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Xiao Zhan’s studio stated:

“On the night of October 23, around 10:20, Mr. Xiao Zhan and his staff member arrived at the Beijing Capital International Airport to board a 11:25 flight from Beijing to Wuyang. Mr Xiao Zhan and his staff member went through the VIP passageway arranged by the airport to board the flight.

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What is regrettable is that there were some individuals impacting the boarding process, which led to Mr. Xiao Zhan being blocked from boarding and leading to delays in the flight taking off. Mr. Xiao Zhan had immediately expressed to his staff member that he wanted to personally apologize to each passenger for the flight delays. After careful consideration, to avoid a second occurrence in causing flight delays, Mr. Xiao Zhan asked his staff member to represent him in expressing regret and apologies to the passengers.

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Regardless of the reason, it was not Mr. Xiao Zhan’s intent to impact other people’s travels. For this, we once again express our deepest apologies to the passengers on the same flight.

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Maintaining public order is one of the basic duties of each citizen. From now on, we will increase and strictly enforce public order. Mr. Xiao Zhan and his staff member solemnly state, we won’t support or advocate any form of sending off or picking up activity at the airport. Please don’t interfere with other people’s normal travels because of your own personal behavior.”

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Xiao Zhan's Studio Issues Apology for Flight Delay After He was Blocked from Boarding

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After the statement was issued, many fans left comments expressing anger at the behavior of what is believed to be either sasaeng fans and people hired to take pictures (代拍) for scalpers and marketing blogger accounts. Fans left comments under the studio’s apology stating the real reason why the flight was delayed was due to the people hired to take pictures (代拍) were not following the rules and wouldn’t listen to the airport workers’ instructions. A netizen says the studio’s apology was for the adverse effects created by the people hired to take pictures and that Xiao Zhan wasn’t late. She also says he took a red eye flight from Beijing to Wuyang so that he could resume filming on time.

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Xiao Zhan's Studio Issues Apology for Flight Delay After He was Blocked from Boarding

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Another netizen claims she was on the same flight as Xiao Zhan and shared that there were a bunch of people who just rushed onto the plane without having their boarding passes checked. As a result, passengers couldn’t board. She says these people wouldn’t leave the corridor even after the urging of many airport workers. Airport staff were afraid there would be problems with the flight taking off, which is why they wouldn’t let people board the flight, causing the delays.

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  1. You and your studio should not be required to make an apology for something that is the responsibility of the airport and airport security I can just about guarantee you were seriously shaken up my all the the miss that was going on around you I don’t know anyone that could put up with something like that especially when you’re supposed to be one place and you can’t get there because of security the airport and airport security are the ones who should be apologizing to you your manager and your studio

  2. Why some these fans and photographers take pictures somewhere else like you know when he walking around not stopping flights. This where those fans and photographers should get arrested and pay fines for holding up flights. This why they have fan meetings so this doesn’t happen.

  3. Oh poor Xiao Zhan😯! He must’ve been quite rattled by the airport incident. Another continual unpleasant saga the price Xiao Zhan has to pay in the name of fame. Hello, China airport mgmt co., can’t imagine isn’t there tight airport security procedures and measure espc and in particular at boarding gate? Allegedly non-boarding unauthorised ppl could storm into a flight vessel? Yikes, its a scary and dangerous situation😬🥶🥵🤯😱!!!

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