Xiao Zhan: I’m Still the Same Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan: I'm Still the Same Xiao Zhan

On the fourth episode of the 7 episode series, “Ai Si Bu Si” (爱思不si), the host, Ma Weiwei (马薇薇), tackles friendship and the changes Xiao Zhan (肖战) experienced with relationships before and after he got famous. Ma Weiwei recalls how when she first interviewed Xiao Zhan in 2017, he was still active in his boy band, X NINE. He was the one to approach Ma Weiwei first to greet her. Ma Weiwei recounted how years later, Xiao Zhan was so polite and continued to approach her first. Her first reaction was she had to go to Xiao Zhan’s dressing room to greet him too. She asked him if he thought she had a change in attitude, from arrogance to humility, which he said no.

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Ma Weiwei then asks Xiao Zhan if there are people around him that treated him differently before and after he got famous. Xiao Zhan says there aren’t people like that by his side, but he has run into this situation before.

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She then asks him if there are people who started avoiding him after he started getting popular. Xiao Zhan says, “Yes, I understand because I’m also the type of person who really doesn’t like to bother people. I’m the type of person who thinks a lot. For example, my friends now are not bad. If I talk to them, would they think that I have ulterior motives or requests from them?”

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Ma Weiwei asks Xiao Zhan if there are times where friends would intentionally alienate him because they don’t want to be perceived as trying to take advantage of him. Xiao Zhan lets out a big sigh and says, “Actually, it’s difficult for me to bear when talking about this topic. I want to tell the world and defend myself that I am still the same Xiao Zhan. I am still the person from before, but I can’t explain it clearly. With life, once someone firmly believes in something, it’s hard to change.”

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She continues to ask Xiao Zhan if he thinks it’s out of jealousy. Xiao Zhan determinately says, “No. I don’t think it’s jealousy. They probably really think the feelings have changed. It’s actually very subtle. I think feelings are the most subtle. It’s not like it can be treated like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and see which one changed. It can be a change in stroke, a very subtle change. Sometimes, reality is very cruel. I don’t know what I’m saying, but sometimes people are forced to grow up.”

Episode 4: https://krcom.cn/7315375944/episodes/2358773:4427375338047152

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  1. Xiao Zhan is beautiful inside out. love his personality.he has it all. if you have a problem with it, just chill out, let him be Xiao Zhan the one we love. always love you XZ. xoxo from The West

  2. True it happens. Once he overcomes this he will realized it’s kinda silly if be feels he is the same person and is happy why worry about how others are since that means they don’t really know him well enough.

  3. Oh poor Xiao Zhan!😊 He’s stiil going thru a period of fame adjustment. He’s figuring things out. Allow him a period of time to reconcile coming to terms with sudden fame ‘syndrome’. Proud to know from interview he maintains a solid head on his shoulders and from the tone of his responses, with much awareness and humility. Way to go Xiao Zhan embracing your own self- reality and just focus on your acting career to be a better prolific actor. Yezzz…. you def have potential to excel🤗👏👏👏👌👍🤟

    PS# Almost daily a.m. listen to The Untamed OST both the collection of songs and their instrumental music versions – the beautiful soothing bamboo flute flows magical-like and dreamily haunting thruout my home. Soothes and calm my soul. Luvit😍. But a confession: only after I’ve listened to EXO Chen’s album ‘April, and a Flower’ and ‘DearmyDear’.🥰🤭. Anyways, both are in my top playlist😘😘😘☺

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