Chinese Actor, Xia Fan, Makes Mysterious Post Attacking Xiao Zhan

Chinese Actor, Xia Fan, Makes Mysterious Post Attacking Xiao Zhan

It’s no secret Xiao Zhan (肖战) became really popular after the success of “The Untamed” (陈情令). Naturally, anything related to Xiao Zhan would be plastered all over the news. There are times when Xiao Zhan gets unwarranted attention like when Chinese actor, Xia Fan (夏凡), suddenly made a post on October 21, tagging Xiao Zhan and said, “You are nothing.”

Xiao Zhan: I’m Still the Same Xiao Zhan

People are confused as to why Xia Fan would make this post as they have never worked with each other before. Everyone that has worked with Xiao Zhan has nothing but good things to say about him. Xia Fan is a 39 year old actor and isn’t exactly a household name in China. He only has 200,000 something followers on Weibo. Many netizens believe Xia Fan is trying to gain popularity and fame by associating himself with Xiao Zhan. What’s more suspicious is that he has now deleted the post.

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Chinese Actor, Xia Fan, Makes Mysterious Post Attacking Xiao Zhan

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Chinese Actor, Xia Fan, Makes Mysterious Post Attacking Xiao Zhan
Xia Fan

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Before Xia Fan had deleted the post, many netizens left comments defending Xiao Zhan saying, “In order to gain popularity, he succeeded.”, “So is he going to explain what happened?”, “I am not Xiao Zhan’s fan, but looking at his fans, they have been very rational and haven’t retaliated. This person trying to gain popularity should apologize.”

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  2. Xiao Zhan is young, handsome and talented as an actor and singer. The guy must have tried to seduce him then Xiao said sorry but you are not my type. old demias and does not know free style dances. !!!

  3. stay strong xiao zhan, no matter what happened to you. We always support you. We all know that your a good person. Those who want to let you down, let them be. But god has a big plan for you. After that storm, theres a light, and that light will bring you peace and happiness. you know yourself verywell. Kept on smiling.. As your fans. We love you.. Take care. Fighting..

  4. Why do people have to be so hateful!!! Xaio Zhan has absolutely nothing to do with what was written on archive of our own or any other fanfic sites. People need to grow the hell up and stop being so damn petty. He nor the companies he works for should have to apologize for what another person wrote on these sites. The companies that are pulling his ads because of jerks who have nothing better to do with their time are just as bad as those jerks because they aren’t supporting him knowing that he did nothing wrong. Who cares if a few jacka**ses aren’t buying your product because they have superiority issues. I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to hurt your businesses because there are more fans who will buy your products than there are petty a**holes who won’t if Xiao Zhan is in the ad. On top of that it’s keeping apart a couple that would be very happy together if people would just leave them alone. If they want to be in a relationship and get married they deserve to be happy. If they’re just friends they still deserve to be happy being able to hang out with each other without people scrutinizing them. People need to look at themselves when bullying other people because more than likely the problem lies with them not the person they are bullying.

  5. Actually I didn’t get that why people interested in the making fake and un realistic words to others. If you people are fan of your idol then respect him as well as others actor also. Nobody has right to anything to others. Live and feel positive own your life&donot waste your time in making unethical rumours of others idols. In my view both are kind actor and my zhan ge is very gentleman. Hope you guys understand the feeling of idol who are attack by such unbelievable rumours in their life.

  6. Actually I didn’t get that why people interested to speak fake and un realistic words to any actors and actress. In my view both xia and zhan ge are good people but if you people want to be fan of your idol then respect to him as well as other idol also. Nobody has right to say anything to others. Live and feel positive own your life&donot waste your time in making unethical rumours of others idols. Naa.. I wish my zhang ge for cute, sweet and happy future. Bye bye

  7. Hoowhot!??? Sigh…sigh! Really tbh not to be condescending but who is Xia Fan?? Ok to be fair will wiki check him. Let’s presume 39 yo Xia Fan was in ‘drunken stupor’ state when he happy-trigger sent out the 3-worded insult of 29 yo Xiao Zhan….hmmm🤔! Does the excuse sound credible?? There’s almost 10 yrs age difference huh! Hmm again🤔? Or perhaps in a fit of late night self-pity and remorse caught in emo and mental torture frenzy consumed by green-eye monster envy🤢 that in a zombie-like state Xia Fan unconsciously triggered that toxic outburst! Ok ok no I’m no qualified psychotherapist BUT what the hell was he thinking, jeez??¿ 🤬 Guyz really consider this me think Xia Fan needs counselling help lest he considers himself a ‘has-been’ by comparing himself with youthful Xiao Zhan. Anyways, am watching WWX and LC ‘The Untamed’ the fifth time now in less than month at moment on ep 9🤪😜🤩🙃💞💗💓. To think of it I myself might need some bit of psychotherapy counselling for this ‘untamed’ addiction….help! S😱 oh sorry, false alarm!😹🤣😂🤩😂🥰

  8. Ziao zhan is very humble down to earth,a good actor and he is a good person thats why god bless him.stay humble always put your foot on the ground dont mind what other people think about u for us your the best 😊💝💝

  9. Coz xiao zhan is a kind person and a superstar , love you God Bless you always and take care💯♥️♥️♥️

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