Alan Wan Leaves TVB to Develop Career in Singapore

Alan Wan Leaves TVB to Develop Career in Singapore

Alan Wan (溫家偉), known as “beefcake” among the company, has announced his contract with TVB has ended on Instagram today. Alan Wan is originally from New York. He joined the Mr. Hong Kong 2008 pageant and subsequently joined TVB in 2009. During his tenure at TVB, he reported on the weather forecast on TVB Pearl and was in a lot of supporting roles.

In his post, he said, “It’s official!!! My contract with Tvb has ended!!!! First, I want to thank TVB for giving me so many opportunities in these 10 years. If there was no TVB, there wouldn’t be this “beefcake”. These 10 years actually passed by really quickly. I still remember the first time I stepped into TVB. I was a scared kid who didn’t know how to speak Chinese. But because of them, I learned a lot. I want to take this opportunity here to thank all the producers, directors, and anyone who has helped me, given me opportunities. I hope we can still meet again one day. I will continue to work hard in Hong Kong.”

Alan Wan also said he has a Youtube Channel now and will be uploading daily vlogs. He also mentioned he was fired from his weather forecasting job at TVB Pearl because his clothing was too sexy. He spoke to and said, “We did discuss about contract renewals, talked about it for awhile, but at the last minute, it didn’t work out.” (Because they didn’t give you opportunities to develop?) “Not that there weren’t opportunities, but it wasn’t the best opportunities to develop. I will continue to do food shows. I want to film series, but there aren’t that many opportunities to film them.”

Working in Singapore

On his future plans, Alan Wan reveals he has already signed with a Singapore based management company. He expressed, “I have a series airing in Singapore right now. It has already surpassed Singapore’s longest record for the debut week ratings. I am actually very happy because the character had room to develop further. I just finished filming a series, I was the male lead, a comedy series. It will air in January.”

He also expressed he wants to continue working in Hong Kong, saying, “The Singapore company is for my career in Singapore and the US. I still want to continue developing in Hong Kong. I want to find a management company or other methods to film series, film movies, film advertisements, or online stuff. In the end, I started my career in Hong Kong. I want to keep the link between Hong Kong.”

Break up with girlfriend

Alan Wan also expressed he wants to work in China. He continues to go to auditions in China. He also opened his own production company to film advertisements and short films. When talking about dating, he revealed he has already split from his girlfriend, Sofia, because they were both too busy and didn’t have time to interact with each other. He also said he wants to focus on work and doesn’t have time to date.

Credit: hk01,, Alan Wan IG

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