Song Weilong Gave His First On-Screen Kiss to Vivian Sung

Song Weilong Gave His First On-Screen Kiss to Vivian Sung

Any film where Taiwanese actress, Vivian Sung (宋芸樺), is the female lead, she seems to bring good box office results. While Vivian Sung is already 27 years old this year, she still has the face of a teenage girl/college student. She paired up with up and coming Chinese actor, Song Weilong (宋威龍), in the school romance movie, “Love the Way You Are” (我的青春都是你). The movie premiered in China on June 21 and has already passed 10 million RMB in box office results. It’s no wonder they say Vivian Sung is a good luck charm to her “husbands”, meaning her male co-stars.

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This will be the fourth movie in which Vivian Sung plays the female lead in a youthful romance film. Starting from, “Café. Waiting. Love” (等一個人咖啡), “Our Times (我的少女時代), “Take Me to The Moon” (帶我上月球), to “Love the Way You Ar (我的青春都是你), she has amassed enough of “romantic experience.” Vivian Sung says, “My life’s experiences of crushes have been devoted to film. Basically, every film, I have to have a crush on someone.” On her first impression of Song Weilong, Vivian Sung says “He is very handsome.”, but his personality is not like his straight A student character in the film. She says Song Weilong is a vivacious big kid.

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There is a kiss scene in the movie that left a deep impression on Song Weilong. As it turns out, the movie was filmed three years ago. Song Weilong was only 17 at the time. Just like that he gave his first on screen kiss to Vivian Sung and it was him who had to initiate it. When he was on set, he deliberately hid his nervous emotions. After they filmed the kiss scene, he shyly said, “Very afraid of awkwardness and my heart rate was increasing. After kissing, my brain was completely blank. I didn’t really dare look at Vivian Sung.” Song Weilong also reminisced about his school crush days and revealed after school, he would purposely go to the bathroom just to get a glimpse of his crush. However, he had to pretend to be cool and cold while his crush passed by.

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Vivian Sung helped bring luck to her co-stars, Talu Wang (王大陸) in “Our Times” and Jasper Liu Yi Hao (劉以豪) in “Take Me to the Moon”. Will she also catapult Song Weilong’s already burgeoning career to new levels with “Love the Way You Are?”

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