Song Weilong and Vivian Sung Promise not to Break Up After Graduation in “Love the Way You Are”

Song Weilong and Vivian Sung Promise not to Break Up After Graduation in "Love the Way You Are" Weibo

Chinese actor, Song Weilong (宋威龍), and Taiwanese actress, Vivian Sung (宋芸樺), pair up in the school romance movie, “Love the Way You Are” (我的青春都是你), which premiers on June 21. The movie is based on a novel called, “北大差生”. It’s produced by idol drama queen, Angie Chai (柴智屏), who is responsible for the “Meteor Garden” dramas. The crew released the poster and a promotional clip titled, “Youth Confession” today.

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In the promotional video, the actors write down things they regretted during their youth. As for female lead, “Zhou Linlin” (周林林), who is a slacker student, she regrets not winning an argument against male lead, “Fang Yuke” (方予可). Not only is Fang Yuke an excellent student, but he always beats Zhou Linlin whenever they argue. As for “Fang Yuke’s” regret, he wrote down, “Not telling her earlier.” He quickly follows up with another note saying, “Stupid, I’ve been waiting for you all along.”, directed at “Zhou Linlin.” Then the clip shows a trailer with two taglines. The first one says: “Actually, there are a lot of things that we have time for.” Then the last tagline says, “This summer, let’s not have any regrets about graduation.”

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The story explores all the emotions that comes with departure and graduating, especially when it comes to relationships. The tagline in the trailer says, “Not breaking up after graduation,” which usually happens to couples when they graduate and go on different paths.

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Vivian Sung is known for the popular Taiwanese movie, “Our Times” (我的少女時代), while Song Weilong is a budding young actor. Even though the two are seven years apart, the age difference doesn’t transcend beyond paper. Vivian Sung (b. 1992) can still pass for a university student and Song Weilong (1999) is probably around the same age as “Fang Yuke.” Song Weilong also stars in the drama, “Find Yourself” (資深少女的初戀) opposite Victoria Song, who is 12 years older than him.

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