Yang Zi Rumored to Star in Chinese Remake of K-Drama, “Reply 1988”

Yang Zi Rumored to Star in Chinese Remake of K-Drama, Reply 1988

It was recently announced China would be remaking the popular Korean drama, “Reply 1988.” The series revolved around the relationships of the people living in a Seoul neighborhood. It’s reported the Chinese remake will start filming this month and will be 45 episodes long. The Chinese name of the series is called “相約九八”, which directly translates to “Let’s Meet 98.”

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As for the lead actors, it was reported a crew member from the film crew leaked who the female lead is through his friend’s circle on WeChat. That female lead is rumored to be Chinese actress, Yang Zi (楊紫). Once the rumors of Yang Zi as the female lead went viral, there were mixed reactions from netizens. Some felt Yang Zi face is too exquisite and not suitable to be portraying “Duk Seon.” As for the potential male leads, netizens have suggested Bai Jingting (白敬亭), Turbo Liu Haoran (劉昊然), Leo Wu Lei (吳磊), and others.

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There were also some K-drama fans that felt the series is too iconic and any remake wouldn’t live up to the glory or do the original series justice. One netizen said, “Just a reminder, if – if – if the female lead really is Yang Zi, don’t blindly nominate your favorite male actor. Wouldn’t that be harming someone?” This comment got the most upvotes from netizens.

Filming hasn’t even started and there’s already so much controversy! Who would you choose to star opposite Yang Zi?

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