Netizens Have Crowned Li Xian as their “July Boyfriend”

Netizens Have Crowned Li Xian as their July Boyfriend

Chinese actor, Li Xian (李现), is gaining widespread popularity thanks to his role as “Han Shangyan” (韩商言) in the currently airing C-Drama, “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的, 热爱的 also known as 蜜汁炖鱿鱼). Due to his character’s cold demeanor, but adorable personality, he has been crowed by netizens as their “July Boyfriend.” The topic even trended in top 10 of the Weibo hot search list today.

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Ever since the series aired, Li Xian and his character, “Han Shangyan” have trended high on Weibo’s hot search list. Li Xian has debuted for 8 years and briefly achieved some popularity with his 2017 series, “Tientsin Mystic” (河神), as the male lead, “Guo Deyou” (郭得友). His character was well liked by netizens, however, he didn’t have any other break out roles or series afterwards. As a result, his popularity never peaked again until now, with “Go Go Squid!”

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Some netizens also seem to think his “Go Go Squid!” co-star, Yang Zi (杨紫), has attributed to his success. She has the reputation of being able to bring popularity to her male co-stars, just like her series with Allen Deng (邓伦) “Ashes of Love” (香蜜沉沉烬如霜), which catapulted both of them to stardom. Whether “Han Shangyan’s” success is attributed to Yang Zi or not, one can’t deny the chemistry between Li Xian and Yang Zi.

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While Li Xian is enjoying the success of the series, he has mentioned in interviews that he doesn’t want his characters to be labeled. He hopes viewers can treat “Han Shangyan” as imperfect, “because of his personality’s imperfections, Han Shangyan’s persistence and things he passionately loves will only be magnified, creating a sharp contrast.”

Li Xian Reveals His Ideal Type and Female Goddess

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In private, Li Xian is an avid reader. If he finds a good book while working, he would be sitting quietly reading the book. When he’s not filming, he makes an effort to watch a movie each day in order to recharge himself. Aside from these hobbies, he’s also a fitness junkie, as evident in his social media posts.

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two months…😈

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However, Li Xian wasn’t always this fit. Like us commoners, there was once a time where Li Xian was on the heavier side and went through the awful stage of puberty. Li Xian had once posted a picture from his heavier days as a kid. It’s said he was around 80 kg (~176 lbs) at one point that his classmates gave him the nackname, “Jingzhou Little Fatty”. It wasn’t until high school that he decided to lose weight. He played soccer, basketball, and other sports and eventually slimmed down. After joining showbiz, he maintained his physique and included working out as part of his lifestyle due to the needs of his roles.

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Netizens Have Crowned Li Xian as their "July Boyfriend" Li Xian Before and After Weight Loss

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Netizens also found pictures of Li Xian during his youth days and left comments such as: “Brother Xian once again telling me the importance of losing weight.”, “As expected, fatties are potential stocks to invest in.”, “Style is very important.”, “His looks were already there back then.”, “Still very handsome.”

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