Li Xian wasn’t the First Choice to Play “Han Shangyan” in “Go Go Squid!”

Li Xian wasn't the First Choice to Play "Han Shangyan" in "Go Go Squid!"

Li Xian (李现) became everyone’s “July Boyfriend” through his role as “Han Shangyan” (韩商言) in the highly popular series, “Go Go Squid!” (亲爱的, 热爱的) that just ended in July. Netizens started shipping Li Xian and Yang Zi (杨紫) as a CP due to the series. Li Xian’s popularity also exploded. He gained over 14 million followers on Weibo when the series started airing and it’s still growing. He has now reached 1 million followers on Instagram. When I followed him on IG, he only had 200K-300K followers. This overnight sensation is really attributed to the series. However, an entertainment blogger claims Li Xian was actually not the first choice to play “Han Shangyan”!

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Many netizens felt Li Xian was really right for the role of “Han Shangyan.” The original actor had turned down the director and so the role went to Li Xian. When netizens found out, a lot of them thought it was unfortunate. This blogger claims the original actor to play “Han Shangyan” was supposed to be Yang Yang (杨洋). When the director approached Yang Yang for “Go Go Squid!”, he had already accepted to film “The King’s Avatar” (全职高手), which also talks about e-sports, so that’s why he had to turn down the role. Because of this missed opportunity, Li Xian got the role and the rest is history.

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While “Go Go Squid!” was almost done airing, “The King’s Avatar” also started to air. However, the results were definitely not up to par. Everyone was too enamored with “Han Shangyan” and Li Xian already. Do you think Yang Yang could’ve produced the same results as “Han Shangyan”?

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12 thoughts on “Li Xian wasn’t the First Choice to Play “Han Shangyan” in “Go Go Squid!”

    1. Yes, the news had released that there will be Go Go Squid Season 2 spin off, which its going to be about Appledog and DT. Its going to be release on next year 2021

  1. I love LI XIAN(Han Shangyan) and Yang Zi(Tong Nian) …perfect combination…. hope they end up be together forever….good luck

  2. li xian and yang xi’s chemistry was great.. perfect couple.looking forward for riley wang and yang xi drama.

  3. No, I don’t think Yang Yang would have been as good. He does have that tough boy, rough-around-the-edges vibe that Li Xian did so amazingly well. Everyone fell in love HSY because of Li’s portrayal!

    I heard Hu Yi Tian aka Wu Bai was also considered but his acting is a bit too stiff in my opinion. Li Xian was perfectly cast.

  4. I think Li Xian is better suited as Han Shanyang than Yang Yang. In the novel, Han Shanyang is older than Tong Nian which we got in Li Xian and Yang Zi. Li Xian also perfectly shows Han Shanyang’s cold demeanor. Yang Yang, on the other hand, also made a good decision in accepting the lead role in The King’s Avatar. I just started watching it and I’m finding it an enjoyable TV series.
    Both actors fit their respective role well.

  5. omg, that’s so weird. When I first heard of the news 2 years ago about this adaptation and after reading the novel, Yang Yang was my first choice too for the role of Gun. That’s so amazing that it turns out he’s also the first choice in casting! Well, we won’t know now how he would’ve done as Han Shangyan but pretty sure he would’ve done it justice as well. But I’m glad that he’s playing Ye Xiu now. I’ve watched the anime and read the novel and The King’s Avatar is just a superior work. But I understand if it’s not going to be everyone’s taste since it’s heavy on gaming and eSports and romance is somewhat nonexistent. (Atleast in the novel- we’ll just see if they will add it in the drama.)

  6. I told myself if Li Xian goes 1 million followers Instagram, its mean they are dating

  7. I’m a fan of both Li Xian and Yang Yang, but I do not think Yang Yang would have produced the same results. Yang Yang has a different feel to him compared to Li Xian. He has a more princely type of aura to him as opposed to Li Xian’s rough image as Han Shangyan and not to mention, Li Xian’s chemistry with Yang Zi’s Tong Nian was too perfect. I can’t imagine either one of the main leads being someone else.

    1. Daebak!!!!!! I was thinking the exact same thing.😮😮 Prince Yang is my bias but I think Li Xian was the best choice for this role. I loved watching every moment of him. 😍😍😍😍

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